Chapter 18: The strange mask
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 18: The strange mask

An unknown Beginner Village Map. A red haired man was currently brandishing a heavy sword as he tried to kill the white tiger boss in front of him. Even with the three consecutive system notifications sounding out, the heavy sword did not stop. A series of large damage figures continued to appear on the White Tiger King’s head, but when the White Tiger King roared out and counterattacked, the damage dealt was…..




“Hen Tian, the first person leaving the Beginner Village actually isn’t you!” A girl who was standing not far away, silently watching the man brandish his sword suddenly said in a surprise voice.

With a heavy hit, the White Tiger King gave a roar as it fell and dropped equipment all over the floor. Hen Tian’s face did not change at all as if this was not something worth mentioning at all.

“I’ve never looked down on a person with potential before.” Hen Tian coldly looked at her as he spoke. It was as if this beautiful red clothed girl was no different from a corpse in his eyes.

“Also, Mei Yu, go back to where you belong. You’re not allowed to follow me anymore.” His voice contained no emotion at all. Hen Tian did not pick up the equipment on the ground because in his eyes, they were all trash.

“If you don’t want me to follow you, then you’ll just have to kill me!” Mei Yu was not scared at all. She didn’t look away from his cold gaze and her beautiful lips slightly pouted, just like she was being a little spiteful.

“You…..Humph! I’ve never killed a girl before.” Hen Tian gave a cold snort and then turned around to walk deeper in.

Mei Yu revealed a smile of victory on her face as she raised a little fist behind her back. Then she quickly followed behind him.

How could I leave you? I need to protect you…...

In another unknown map…….

In the endless darkness without a trace of light, there was the endless sound of a sword slicing through broken hide ringing through the darkness. There was also countless monsters giving out pitiful cries.

Suddenly a sinister laughter filled sounded out, “D

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