Chapter 21: The Heaven Defying Scroll - War God Scroll
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 21: The Heaven Defying Scroll - War God Scroll

“What does the Magic Warrior count for! I could have killed the past Ao Feng with a single finger. Little brat Wind Spirit, don’t listen to that old undying fart’s nonsense. We Asuras go along with life and we disdain joining things like guilds.”

Tian Xiu pulled Feng Xiao over and said with a stern look, “We Asuras have the strongest attack power, but no one has ever drawn it out yet. Moreover, we Asuras can use weapons from any Job! The final point is, Asuras won’t have red names from killing people! Also the Asura’s Illusion. As long as you change into the strongest Asura, this Asura’s Illusion will be yours!”


Others could not even beg to change into a Hidden Job, but with Feng Xiao, there was two people begging him to changed into one…...

Which job should he choose?

Feng Xiao’s brain was revolving at a high speed, comparing the two different Jobs…..

“Magic Warrior! It is clear that this is a very strong Job based on their expressions, even Tian Xiu revealed a look of shock when the Magic Warrior Job Change was brought up. The past Magic Warrior only used a single move to run wild around the Heavenly Dragon Continent, so it is clear just how strong it is.”

“Asura, although there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding it, based on Tian Xiu’s explanation and appearance, it seemed like a Job with an incredible potential. Moreover, it seemed like he was very suited for this Job, perhaps it would show a shocking might if he possessed it. Although not being able to join a guild was a major regret, being able to kill people without red names was just too amazing. This was simply receiving a license to murder!”

He chose Asura! Between strength and potential, Feng Xiao chose to bet on potential. Of course, the flashy title and Asura’s Illusion were also reasons for him!

“Alright, I’ll change into…..”

“Wait a minute!” Seeing Feng Xiao turn towards Tian Xie, Heaven War was filled with anxiety and gritted his teeth as he pulled out a red glowing scroll from his clothes, “As long as you change into Magic Warrior, I’ll give this scroll to you!” In order to fulfill the last wish of his dear friend, Heavenly War took out the most precious item he owned.

The dim red light seemed to contain a shocking killing intent that even made the high level masters look away.

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