Book 05 Chapter 044.1: Another World Merger, Part 1
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 05 Chapter 044.1: Another World Merger, Part 1

Cecilia, who should have been with Siegfried, sat by the Honkai reactor with Theresa beside her.

Chen Heng noticed that Sirin’s expression instantly changed when she saw Cecilia, a complex emotion filling her eyes.

At this point, Cecilia noticed Sirin too. Since her conversation had been primarily with Chen Heng, she hadn’t paid much attention to Sirin, given Chen Heng’s martial prowess and the fascinating remnants of the last century’s civilization.

“Squad Leader, he bullied me,” Shigure Kira blurted out, darting toward Cecilia as soon as she arrived. She was like a child running to complain to their parent.

“You just got out of the infirmary, and you are already so restless,” Cecilia responded, drawing Shigure Kira into a comforting embrace.

“Squad Leader, that person threatened me and even electrocuted me,” Shigure Kira said, pointing to Chen Heng.

“Alright, alright. Stop being mischievous. Aren’t you fine now? It’s already great that you only suffered superficial injuries after getting electrocuted so much. All you need is rest. What if he unleashes a powerful lightning strike on you if you continue to offend him? I can’t defeat him.”

Although Shigure Kira was no match for Chen Heng, she tried to keep her chin up. Unfortunately, she cowered whenever she glimpsed the spark leaping between Chen Heng’s fingers.

After a while, Chen Heng finally received the news he had been waiting for. “Mister Chen Heng, the materials from Anti-Entropy and Schicksal have arrived; they’re 20 kilometers to the east. Could you please go pick them up?”

“There’s no need for so much trouble. Just tell them to come in. I have already removed the lightning zone.” Actually, Chen Heng removed the lightning zone a few hours ago. However, he had kept three lightning dragons for appearances and to deter raids by Schicksal or Anti-Entropy. He did that because he had been short on Will Energy earlier.

Just moments earlier, Chen Heng withdrew the three remaining lightning dragons. Maintaining the lightning dragons would continue to drai

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