Book 05 Chapter 043: Chiliad Sword Conception
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 05 Chapter 043: Chiliad Sword Conception

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: Chen Heng comes from a supreme-martial world heavily steeped in martial strength. An immortal is someone who has ascended to a certain cultivation realm with the strength to explode an entire planet. Trading the Void Sword Technique for the Void Arts seems a worthwhile exchange.

Lord of the White Night: Speaking of the Void Arts, isn’t that the cultivation technique I purchased? It cost me 20,000 points back then.

Queen of Ice and Snow: I feel Fu Hua is a fitting candidate for practicing the Void Arts. For a small cost in points, she can convert Honkai Energy into Spiritual Energy. Given Fu Hua’s 500 years of cultivation, she can quickly advance to the Mind Dividing Realm.

He Who Knows Fate: About that, I think Honkai Energy is a form of Spiritual Energy. Immortal’s world is replete with Spiritual Energy, albeit with a berserk nature, hence the need to use points for purification.

Flat-Chested Chinese: According to what you say, your world possesses great martial strength. So, why do you need the Void Sword Technique? If you want me to give you the Void Sword Technique, you must clarify its purpose first.

He Who Knows Fate: It’s because of an ancestral cultivation technique. Our clan’s unique cultivation method emphasizes the sword conception rather than sword moves. It requires the user to persistently study different sword conceptions, eventually creating their own sword conception or integrating these conceptions into a Chiliad Sword Conception. The latter is the latest version of the Chen Clan Cultivation Technique my ancestor made. How do I put it? It’s a long and arduous journey—at least a thousand types of sword conceptions are required.

Flat-Chested Chinese: A thousand types…

He Who Knows Fate: I have about 800 conceptions at present, all of them high-grade. In addition to the sword conceptions handed down in my clan, my ancestor collected 720 types of sword conceptions for me. These are stored in the ancestral crystal left by my ancestor, and I need to continu

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