Book 05 Chapter 044.2: Another World Merger, Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 05 Chapter 044.2: Another World Merger, Part 2

Just when Chen Heng thought he could finally rest, Customer Service contacted him out of the blue.

Chen Heng! Chen Heng! I’ve got good news for you. Your world is having another world merger.

“Good news? This doesn’t sound like good news to me.”

Don’t say that. At least let me tell you which world it is first.

“Which world?”

It’s Sirin’s world.


On his way back, Chen Heng had been mulling over Sirin’s return to this world. Transmigration was not as simple as paying 100 points for a one-way trip. Several factors needed to be considered: the time synchronization between worlds, the maximum duration of a stay in the same world, and so on.

For some reason, the association had stipulated that each member could not stay more than a month in another member’s world, and the interval between revisits to the same world had to be at least seven days.

Chen Heng was also concerned about the uniqueness of Honkai Impact 3rd’s world and his own, as both had association members, causing the time flows of the two worlds to match.

He worried that something might happen during the cooldown period after Sirin returned to her own world. What would they do then?

Furthermore, disappearing for seven days every month would be quite troublesome—like when Sirin started school.

Yes, Chen Heng planned to send Sirin to school, preferably to study physics. Since she had five Herrscher Cores of bug-level strength but did not know how to use them, Chen Heng planned to let her study properly.

In fact, Chen Heng intended to purchase a World Migration Certificate from the association’s store to change her world residency. In other words, if Sirin used the World Migration Certificate to become a part of Chen Heng’s world, she would belong fully to that world and no longer need to shuttle back and forth.

The only downside was that the World Change Certificate was a bit expensive—10,000 points.

Suddenly, Chen Heng felt that a sentence someone had said was very accurate: the chatterbox System 10086 rea

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