Book 03 Chapter 015: It’s All the W
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 015: It’s All the W

Chen Heng pondered Sirin’s identity and experiences. After that…he successfully changed that tiny bit of romantic feeling to sibling love.

He meditated with his eyes closed as he hugged Sirin, slowly falling asleep after some time.


The next day:

Chen Heng’s biological clock failed to wake him up on time, perhaps due to the psychological stimulation of the previous night. What awakened him was something squirming in his embrace.

Squirming? Huh? Chen Heng suddenly opened his eyes and saw Sirin, who was hugging his body, using his arm as a pillow, and rubbing her body against his restlessly.

This girl…where did she learn such sleeping habits? She sleeps with such terrible sleeping habits. Also, her leg… Sirin’s leg now lay on top of Chen Heng’s body. This looked a lot like…Chen Heng’s sleeping posture.

Chen Heng tried to lift Sirin’s hand gently. Gently…but he could not. This girl is hugging too tightly.

Sirin hugged Chen Heng tight. Not that Chen Heng could not lift her arm, but he feared he would wake her up if he pulled too hard.

What could Chen Heng do? Of course, go back to sleep.

In any case, Chen Heng was not going to school from today onwards. He had already applied for leave and planned to use the remaining time to review at home (take care of Sirin).

That’s not right. I’m bringing Sirin to the water park, right?

It is currently 6:30 in the morning.

There’s no rush. I can let Sirin sleep a little longer. The water park doesn’t open this early.

Quickly falling asleep was a necessary skill for martial artists, so Chen Heng quickly went back to sleep. Why couldn’t he do it the previous night? That was purely because of overstimulation, which prevented him from calming down.

When Chen Heng woke up again, he found Sirin still clung to him. When he looked at Sirin’s oval face, he saw she had already woken up.

“Ah! Elder Brother, you woke up?” Chen Heng’s eyes met Sirin’s, startling her into quickly letting go of his arm. Rather than startled, perhaps she was more of embarrassed.

“Oh, right,

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