Book 03 Chapter 016: Damn Pervert! Stop Touching!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 016: Damn Pervert! Stop Touching!

Breakfast had to have eggs and milk. However, the milk this time was a special milk, carefully prepared by Chen Heng; it tasted something like milk tea.

As for the eggs, he made soft-centered fried eggs. Although others might worry about not completely killing all the bacteria because of the half-solidified yolk, he did not, as he felt confident in his cooking skills—rather, the association’s store. Most importantly, soft-centered fried eggs would taste more delicious and appear more attractive.

Chen Heng added freshly baked bread, a sausage each, a few stalks of spinach, and some sweet chili sauce.

Furthermore, he cut up two dragon fruits and stuck some toothpicks in them before placing them in his spatial storage to preserve their freshness. He would take the fruits out after eating.

With these, he had a sumptuous breakfast with balanced nutrition.

Chen Heng looked at the three sets of breakfast before him. However, he kept feeling like he had forgotten something.

Sirin had come down before Chen Heng finished cooking. She sat on the sofa, hugging her knees to her chest as she looked in the kitchen’s direction while Chen Heng was busy in the kitchen.

Chen Heng looked at the time and saw it was half past seven. However, Jeanne d’Arc Alter had not come down yet, so he decided to go and wake her up.

“Sirin, I’m going to call Jeanne d’Arc Alter down. Wait downstairs for a while.”

“Oh! Got it!” Sirin appeared extremely obedient.

Chen Heng turned around and made his way upstairs, walking to Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s room.

Knock-knock-knock! Knock-knock-knock! “Jeanne d’Arc Alter, are you awake yet?”

“Who is it? Look at the time! How irritating!” Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s impatient voice came from inside.

This scene felt like déjà vu, reminiscent of Sirin’s first breakfast. When Chen Heng woke her up, her answer was strangely similar to Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s.

“It’s me, Chen Heng. Time to wake up. It is half past seven, and breakfast is ready.”

“Go on and eat first. You can just leave my portion there. I’ll eat when I

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