Book 03 Chapter 014: Sirin, the Restless Sleeper
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 014: Sirin, the Restless Sleeper

Kal’tsit: Lend me 1,000 points. I’ll return them soon.

He Who Knows Fate: …Sure.

Chen Heng had 16,000-odd points right now. He just needed to ensure he had over 10,000 points, as the Ability Third Awakening required that much.

Chen Heng had set 10,000 points as his first target, which he already achieved. His second target was 50,000, enough to repair the Absolute Precognition.

Right now, there was plenty of leeway in either direction. As long as he maintained at least 10,000 points, he did not mind.

Furthermore, it was easy to earn points in the Dimension Administrators Association. If one could not complete a big mission, one could do many small ones. Both methods could earn points, so he did not worry that Kal’tsit could not pay him back.

Should Kal’tsit dare to default… Haha! Chen Heng was an administrator.

Chen Heng had at least a hundred ways to make Kal’tsit die a social death in the group without her being able to do anything about it. ~(~o ̄▽ ̄)~o

Chen Heng did not mind these 1,000 points. He even felt Kal’tsit was not worldly-wise, the kind of person who separated the personal from business and never dragged things out.

He Who Knows Fate: I’ve already sent it over in a private message. Can I ask why you need 1,000 points?

Kal’tsit: To cure a disease.

Efreet: ??? What disease is so expensive to cure?

Kal’tsit: Oripathy.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: Oripathy should be a disease unique to their world, right? Furthermore, I guess it is incurable or a disease that threatens the entire world, right?

[TL Note: Oripathy is a progressive, terminal disease in Arknights. Here’s more information on Oripathy:]

Kal’tsit: Oripathy is an incurable disease. Those with Oripathy are known as the Infected. Oripathy can increase the patient’s Arts power in a dangerous way, but tapping into this power will hasten their deterioration and eventually lead to death. At that point, the body becomes a new source of infection.

17-Year-Old Bea

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