Book 03 Chapter 013: Kal’tsit Taking a Loan
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 013: Kal’tsit Taking a Loan

Now, Chen Heng felt regret—extreme regret.

He had always treated Sirin as a kid, so he had not minded.

However, he did not expect Sirin to have a habit of hugging things when she slept. Furthermore, she was a little afraid of the thunder, so…

While Sirin fell asleep, Chen Heng could not. Sirin hugged Chen Heng tightly, like a body pillow. However, he dared not resist lest he wake her up.

Let’s use an example to describe this situation. Does everyone have the habit of hugging a blanket or pillow when sleeping? Well, Chen Heng was that pillow or blanket now.

Although Sirin was only 14 years old, she had developed pretty well. (Three sizes: 72-53-75)

Calm down! Calm down! Sirin is just 14, still a child. Calm, my ass! I can’t hold on for much longer!

No. I’m escaping to the group chat. Casually chatting makes me happy! Casually chatting calms me down.

Think of Merlin! Think of Mari! Right! Look at Merlin’s crossdressing pictures!

Chen Heng thought of something. Then he opened the chat group’s photo album.

This indeed helped; he slowly calmed down. It looked like Merlin was not completely useless, after all. At least he was good for something.

Since I’ve calmed down already, I should just spend time in the chat group. That is the best way to distract myself.

He Who Knows Fate: I just collected all the rewards. However, I did not expect Alaya to have such a scummy move. It really changed my perception of world consciousnesses.

Efreet: What’s wrong?

Magus of Flowers: Tell us what upset you. Let everyone be happy.

Administrator He Who Knows Fate muted Magus of Flowers for ten minutes.

He Who Knows Fate: Phew! I’m happy now. Thanks, Merlin.

Lord of the White Night: It looks like there’s no changing Merlin’s wretched mouth.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: Little Elder Brother, do continue. Educate us a little about world consciousnesses.

He Who Knows Fate: When Alaya issued the mission to me, one of the stated rewards was to half-repair my Absolute Precognition. Otherwise,

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Translator Notes

Do take note of a change in terms. I previously messed up by translating two Chinese terms to the same word. This word is reincarnator. Now, it is separated into re:lifers and reincarnators. The affected chapters are book 1 chapter 1, 6, 7, and 0. For easy reference, the only reincarnator we saw so far was the one who escaped from the Host God Space, mentioned in chapter 2 and the end of the 1st Singularity arc. I have gone back and retroactively changed the terms. So if you have already seen the re:life term, just ignore this message.


Here is the translation note I added to book 1 chapter 2 to explain the difference:

[TL Note: There is a difference between reincarnators and re:lifers. The Chinese word for reincarnators translates to “cycle person.” In Chinese, cycle in such usage most commonly refers to the cycle of reincarnation. So far, the reincarnators we have seen in the story came from the Host God Space, but I’m unsure of further details on the Host God Space. Based on other novels, the Host God Space might be something like a terror infinite genre, where people are thrown into scenarios and are given assistance—something like a system—to help them grow. The purpose seems to be the Host Gods’ entertainment. Based on the understanding of the Chinese word, a reincarnator should be a person who had died and was reborn in another life but kept their memories of their previous life. A re:lifer is someone who leaped through time and returned to their younger self, getting to redo their life.]

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