Book 03 Chapter 012: Sleep Together?
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 012: Sleep Together?

Jeanne d’Arc Alter did not know what Chen Heng was thinking. However, when she thought about how this lousy thing in her hand was worth 500 snack boxes, she felt the Poké Ball seller was shady.

Not to mention 500 snack boxes, if you just took out 20, I would leave with you. Do you even need this thing?

She had not considered how difficult it was to bring someone across worlds. Could snack boxes compare to that?

“I’ll return to my room first, then. You should familiarize yourself with this place. Also, eat as many snacks as you want, and tell me when you’ve finished them.”

Chen Heng’s heart twinged at not being able to tell the truth. There was probably a law that made cheating the stupid illegal, right?

After Chen Heng returned to his room, he continued looking through Reincarnator 9527’s portable spatial storage for good treasures.

“Damn! Is this a sniper rifle or a cannon?” Chen Heng took out an oversized sniper rifle from the storage space. This thing was about two meters long, much longer than those from the American company Barrett. This should be a weapon used together with that reincarnator’s Skilled Firearm Proficiency.

However, this weapon was less convenient than directly using an ability. This was probably why that reincarnator did not use this sniper rifle when fighting Chen Heng.

Furthermore, Chen Heng did not know how to use guns.

“Perhaps I can test the power of this gun. Its offensive power might surprise me.” Since this sniper rifle came from the Host God Space, Chen Heng had no idea how powerful this sniper rifle was.

Although he did not know how powerful this gun was, it looked awesome—very overbearing—so he liked it.

Mechas were a man’s romance. Although there was no mecha, this sniper rifle could make up for it. A true man should love large cannons. Firepower was righteousness.

Furthermore, if he used this when fighting others, sniping them from afar, the enemy might think he relied on guns. This would lure the enemy into getting close. Then…

Thinking this, Chen Heng made a decisio

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