Book 03 Chapter 011: Regarding the Status of Snacks
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 011: Regarding the Status of Snacks

“Single-handedly exploding a star, have you heard that before? That means there are powerhouses in this world that can explode a star with one strike. Furthermore, there are many of them. It is still fine for Jeanne d’Arc Alter. At best, she would be viewed as a subdued shikigami. Not only would they fail to snatch her away, but they would incur unnecessary trouble. However, it is different for you. Dragon scales, dragon tendons, and dragon blood are all good stuff. If they cannot snatch you away, they can just kill you for those.” Chen Heng kindly informed Fafnir of the combat prowess of this world.

[TL Note: Shikigami is something like the Japanese version of familiars. Here is the Wikipedia entry on it:]

“Erm…is it too late for me to return to the Poké Ball? At least it is a two-story house.” Fafnir was somewhat cowed. According to Chen Heng, her strength lay somewhere below average. She could defeat most regular people, but anyone with a bit of strength could easily slay her. However, why would she fight ordinary people?

Furthermore, Chen Heng’s words suggested that the people of this world liked to use dragons as crafting materials, waiting to pull out her scales and tendons and drain her blood. Even dragon slayers were not so deranged.

This world is terrifying. I want to go home.

“Wait! Why is Fafnir’s Poké Ball a two-story house, while mine has only three rooms and one living room?” Jeanne d’Arc Alter successfully latched on to the key point. Then she turned what she considered her most ferocious glare at Chen Heng.

“Wait. I think I can explain.” Chen Heng felt he could save the situation.

“Speak, I’m listening.” Jeanne d’Arc Alter took two steps back and sat on the edge of the bed, her arms and legs crossed, as she looked at Chen Heng, waiting for an explanation.

“Actually, Fafnir has a two-story house because her Poké Ball is of a different type. Fafnir’s Poké Ball is specially made for gigantic creatures. Furthermore, the person who made this Poké Ball has

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