Book 03 Chapter 010: Fafnir: Pitiful, Weak, and Helpless
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 010: Fafnir: Pitiful, Weak, and Helpless

“Hmm! He Who Knows Fate, you are a nice guy.” Chen Heng specially checked Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s loyalty value. It had already risen to eighty in mere minutes. This…

Chen Heng had not expected the first person to give him a nice guy card to be Jeanne d’Arc Alter.

“Don’t address me as He Who Knows Fate. Call me Chen Heng. That is my real name.”

“Chen Heng? Got it? Ah Heng, is that fine?” Chen Heng sensed Jeanne d’Arc Alter became happier when she learned his real name.

“That’s fine. Go with that, then.” Chen Heng felt the address of Ah Heng was pretty good. It was not overly intimate or distant.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter saw the made bed and immediately removed the slippers she wore and lay on it. “The bed is very comfortable.”

She felt very satisfied with this bed; it was more comfortable than the one in the Poké Ball.

When Chen Heng saw Jeanne d’Arc Alter lying on the bed and her bouncing bosom, his face turned pink.

He had not seen such a stimulating scene before.

Mo Qingtong? That was a brother. Would there be a romance between brothers? That did not happen.

“Huh? Why are you blushing?” Although Chen Heng did not blush that hard, Jeanne d’Arc Alter was a Servant, so she immediately noticed.

“Ah! No reason. I was just rushing back earlier.” Chen Heng found a plausible excuse.

“Ah! That’s right, Fafnir is with me too.” Chen Heng tried to change the topic and deal with Fafnir at the same time, so he took out the Poké Ball containing Fafnir.

“Why do I feel this ball looks better than mine? Is that a misperception?” Jeanne d’Arc Alter sat up on her bed and stood in front of Chen Heng, bending over to inspect the Heavy Ball.

“It’s your misperception.” Although Jeanne d’Arc Alter was being reasonable now, he did not forget her hot temper. Furthermore…

Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s shirt was quite loose, and she was bending in front of Chen Heng, so he saw… Ahem! Ahem!

“Alright. Stop looking at it. I’m going to call Fafnir out.” Chen Heng changed the topic to prevent Jeanne d’Arc Alter from discovering the truth.

Chen He

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