Book 03 Chapter 009: Easiest Woman to Deal With
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 009: Easiest Woman to Deal With

After Chen Heng left via a spatial jump, he did not head straight back to Fantasy Sea Villas. Instead, he went to a park about five to six kilometers away. Being cautious never led to anything bad.

Chen Heng felt certain Jiang Cheng would investigate the location he mentioned. After all, Jiang Cheng had personal experience and felt deep hatred and pain over such matters.

Back when Chen Heng took the mission to destroy the Secret Scholar Society, Jiang Cheng vied for the mission but failed to clinch it for some reason. At that time, he even became furious.

After Chen Heng spatial jumped to the park, he sat on a bench for a while, waiting for the bloody stench on his body to dissipate, before going to a nearby road to hail a taxi to go back to Fantasy Sea Villas.

By the time Chen Heng arrived home, it was already nine o’clock.

This was already the second day since he returned from the 1st Singularity. It was time to deal with Fafnir and Jeanne d’Arc Alter. He could not drag things out any longer. If he did, they would mutiny soon.

Chen Heng took out two Poké Balls in his room.

He looked at the red-and-white ball containing Jeanne d’Arc Alter, wondering if he should upgrade her Poké Ball and treat her better. After all, she was part of his team now. Would it be too much if he kept using the ordinary red-and-white Poké Ball?

Chen Heng hesitated for a while before deciding to let Jeanne d’Arc Alter out first. He had to deal with this woman first, before anything else. He could discuss the matter of her treatment with her.

“Come out, then!” Chen Heng tossed the Poké Ball in his hand. It opened in midair and spat out Jeanne d’Arc Alter.

“Hey! He Who Knows Fate?” Jeanne d’Arc Alter came out wearing skimpy clothes—a loose black shirt and extremely short shorts. She looked like…a nerdy shut-in. Yes, a nerdy shut-in.

“Jeanne d’Arc, it has been a long time.” Chen Heng forced a smile and greeted Jeanne d’Arc Alter.

“Oh! He Who Knows Fate, it has been a while. Is this Chaldea? Didn’t Fujimaru Ritsuka say you weren’t

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