Book 03 Chapter 008: Dual-Ability User? How Enticing!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 008: Dual-Ability User? How Enticing!

Jiang Cheng thought the Daoist had attacked Chen Heng. However, he found he had been too naive when he turned his head back to look.

He found Chen Heng standing there with no damage. However, that middle-aged Daoist was floating as if something had caught him by the neck. His face flushed red as he struggled in the air.

The flesh of the Daoist’s arms was gone, leaving only bones. Furthermore, cracks covered those bones as though something had ripped all the flesh away.

Alright. It was Chen Heng. He simply could not stand this Daoist’s rambling on anymore.

Earlier, he thought back to the list of Secret Scholar Society members and finally remembered this Daoist. This person was part of the upper-middle management and had abducted many new ability users.

Simply saying this person was sinful would not cover it. Since that was the case, he deserved punishment. The Daoist was right about one thing: the hidden world followed the law of the jungle.

Chen Heng couldn’t do anything about far-off matters. However, this was an evil person right before him—a weak one at that—so he did not mind sending this person to meet King Yama.

[TL Note: King Yama is the judge/ruler of hell in Chinese mythology. Here is the Wikipedia entry on him:]

Earlier, Chen Heng directly used his attraction ability to crush the Daoist’s arms but did not kill him.

“Stop! Who exactly are you?!” Even a fool could now tell Chen Heng was no newcomer. After all, how could a newcomer be so ruthless?

Jiang Cheng was certain Chen Heng was not a person to offend. That Daoist was still a Golden Core Realm cultivator, yet Chen Heng could suppress the Daoist so effortlessly, even instantly destroying two arms. Such a person’s strength was unfathomable.

Jiang Cheng had already verified that Chen Heng was an ability user. After all, the lightning earlier wasn’t fake. However, he should not be just a lightning-type ability user. Based on the ability he showed, Jiang Cheng guessed him to be a dual-ability user. T

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