Book 03 Chapter 007: A Loud Crunch
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 007: A Loud Crunch

“About this…I feel I am quite strong.” Chen Heng did his best to pretend to be new to the hidden world but still confident in himself. He wanted to see what this middle-aged Daoist wanted.

“That’s where you are wrong. The hidden world has lots of hidden talents and all sorts of people. The ability you just awakened is indeed quite strong, but you have just awakened it. Furthermore, you don’t have complete control over it and cannot use it freely. The people of the hidden world can see your weakness easily. You will also implicate your family. So, are you interested in joining our organization?”

Excellent! This middle-aged Daoist finally revealed his first purpose.

“Can I ask what the name of your organization is first?”

“Our organization is called the Secret Scholar Society. We are a research organization primarily focused on studying skills and techniques. We usually study the mysteries of abilities and rarely get involved in the conflicts of the hidden world, so we are very safe. Furthermore, the organization has a good atmosphere and is friendly to newcomers.”

How excellent of the Daoist! He already started referring to the organization as our organization to draw Chen Heng closer. If Chen Heng truly were a young person new to the hidden world who did not know how to reject, he might have lowered his guard.

Chen Heng was familiar with the Secret Scholar Society. This was an organization that he personally destroyed in the future. How could he be unfamiliar? It had left a deep impression on him. He even remembered where the Secret Scholar Society’s treasury was, which only a few of the upper echelon knew. This Daoist in front of him would not know.

Indeed, it was as this middle-aged Daoist said. The Secret Scholar Society only studied the mysteries of abilities. However, its primary method was human experiments, and these were especially cruel.

If Chen Heng were tricked into joining this organization and wasn’t strong enough, he might become an experiment on a lab table.

Remember the young girl who could control

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