Book 03 Chapter 006: Initial Experience of the Hidden World
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 006: Initial Experience of the Hidden World

Chen Heng hadn’t anticipated that gaining an ability would cause a commotion. Therefore, he decided only then to go to a desolate area.

The basement? The basement was not sufficiently safe. After all, this ability was Electromagnetic Control. Since it involved electricity, going into a wilderness where there were no metal objects would be better.

Chen Heng informed Sirin and changed into dark clothes with no distinctive marks before leaving.

After he exited Fantasy Sea Villas, he searched for an isolated place with no one around and flew there. He did not dare to spatial jump, as the commotion caused by it would be greater than using attraction to fly. He feared catching the attention of the Special Affairs Bureau or the people of the hidden world rather than failing to spatial jump.

It also was not a fear of danger but that he shunned trouble.

Chen Heng rushed to the southeast of Fantasy Sea Villas, where there was a forest near the beach. As it was night, practically no one went there.

Along the way, Chen Heng checked the portable spatial storage left by Reincarnator 9527.

As Chen Heng flew, he discovered many things in the portable spatial storage.

That illegal reincarnator had died a wronged death. First, Amadeus’s Noble Phantasm had lowered his defense and offense and added a curse. Next, the reincarnator had blocked the fire dragon’s attack with a wall of iron sand—which failed to block Elizabeth’s sound-based Noble Phantasm, so his defensive equipment broke.

He had succeeded in using his spatial jump to sneak-attack Jeanne d’Arc Alter but had not expected Chen Heng to affect space. In the end, he had lost his hand. After all, space possessed an extremely great shredding force. Then his mind had gone blank from the pain.

Following that, Chen Heng had used his untried spatial jump to mount a sneak attack. One-thousand-year-old Ghost Energy had stunned Reincarnator 9527, rendering him immobile. Finally, five offensive Noble Phantasms landed and did not leave even ashes behind.

Reincarnator 9527 had f

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