Book 03 Chapter 005: Half-Price Discount Card
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 005: Half-Price Discount Card

Magus of Flowers: It looks like Doctor loves Magi Mari deeply. I can continue doing this.

Solomon: On second thought, perhaps it is a website run by a Merlin from a parallel world, and the Merlin in the parallel world is female. Magi Mari is female too. That’s right. That has to be the case.

Efreet: …

Iron Fist Teacher: …

Magus of Flowers: Speak of the devil. There is a female version of me in a parallel world.

Solomon: Really?

Magus of Flowers: It’s true!

Solomon: That’s exactly it! How could Magi Mari be—

Magus of Flowers: However, the Magi Mari you see is me. Hang on. I’ll update the status.

Solomon: …

Queen of Ice and Snow: It looks like Solomon truly loves Magi Mari deeply. Even now, he cannot accept reality.

He Who Knows Fate: Oh! Also, regarding the evaluation points, the accumulation of evaluation points only started after the update. Any actions taken before that do not count for evaluation points.

Efreet: What kind of overbearing rule is that?

Blank Never Loses: That’s right. Even games hand out compensation when there are updates.

I Have a Strong Presence: If you feel upset, don’t participate.

Iron Fist Teacher: What else is there? Just spew it all.

Lord of the White Night: That should be all, right?

He Who Knows Fate: There’s more. Some missions have a special reward: a world consciousness’s friendship. This kind of reward might not give points, but it is the friendship of a world consciousness. That will add at least 100 evaluation points.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: Why have I never encountered it?

Queen of Ice and Snow: +1

He Who Knows Fate: How would I know? The mission I completed had a danger level of two. Since it gave only 500 points, no one took it. That’s why that world consciousness added such a reward.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: …

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: When searching for missions, I filtered out those lower than danger level five.

He Who Knows Fate: That’s why the world consciousness added friendship. It’s because no one took the mission.

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