Book 03 Chapter 004: Merlin, I’ll Fight You to the Death!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 004: Merlin, I’ll Fight You to the Death!

If this were a month ago, Mo Qingtong could have eaten anything she wanted at home.

However, after suffering from the torture of her mother’s loving cooking for over half a month, she could not help drooling whenever hearing something that sounded delicious. Furthermore, she had sampled Chen Heng’s fugu feast and knew that he cooked well.

And worse, Chen Heng described the cooking process in detail when he asked Raven to purchase the ingredients.

She knew that going to Chen Heng’s place to have dinner later would be impossible after having this hotpot lunch.

Thus, she glared at Chen Heng resentfully for the entire afternoon.

She nursed the grudge the entire afternoon, not even speaking to him on the way home.

Chen Heng did not coax her. After all, she was not a baby. Furthermore, he enjoyed seeing her upset with him but unable to hit him.

Seeing Chen Heng’s expression, as if he was asking for a beating, Mo Qingtong felt even more furious.


After getting home, Chen Heng started preparing dinner.

Before cooking, he went to check on Sirin, who was in her room cultivating.

Chen Heng envied Sirin, as she could cultivate, while he had no way to convert his inner strength and could only remain a martial artist. That damn Situ Yu! After I send Sirin away and settle Ryougi Shiki, I will ensure that not even the ashes of your bones remain!

“Sirin, I have something to tell you. Elder Brother does not have to go to school starting tomorrow. I can stay at home and accompany you.” After dinner, Chen Heng rested on the sofa with Sirin. Since there was nothing to do, he mentioned this matter.

“Huh? Really? This is great. However, Elder Brother, don’t you have to take the college entrance exams?” Although Sirin felt happy, she did not forget about Chen Heng’s exams.

“I applied for leave to self-study at home. Don’t worry. It will be easy for your elder brother to get into a famous university with my intelligence.” Indeed, Chen Heng’s studies were excellent in the first place. Now, he even knew the questions. If

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