Book 03 Chapter 003: Woman, You Are Playing with Fire (Chen Heng Limited Edition)
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 003: Woman, You Are Playing with Fire (Chen Heng Limited Edition)

“It feels good. Although I slept late last night, I did not feel sleepy when I woke up this morning. Furthermore, my body felt significantly relaxed.” Sirin was satisfied with cultivating. She already showed a noticeable change after cultivating for only one day.

“There’s no need to be shocked. I gave you an immortal cultivation technique. An immortal cultivation technique is meant for one to continuously surpass oneself and eventually become immortal. The more you cultivate, the stronger you become. When you truly become an immortal, you can live forever without aging.”

“Live forever without aging? It’s that amazing? Can I fly after becoming an immortal?” Sirin still thought about flying.

“You don’t have to become an immortal to fly. You can achieve temporal flight after reaching the Foundation Building Realm; rather, you can fly at low altitudes by controlling a sword. When you reach the Golden Core Realm, you can attain true flight. Work hard at cultivating. My little Sirin is a genius. You will probably progress very quickly.”

“Uh-huh!” Anticipation for cultivating filled Sirin.


After the second period, Chen Heng headed for the office of his homeroom teacher.

“Teacher, I would like to apply for leave to self-study for the college entrance exams at home.”

“I see…that’s fine as long as you have thought it through. The school has nothing much to teach you in the last ten or so days, anyway. It is just doing practice questions. You probably have your own plan. When do you intend to start?” Chen Heng’s homeroom teacher handled English and greatly respected a student’s freedom.

“The sooner, the better.” Of course, Chen Heng had his own plans. He intended to use this time to bring Sirin around. After all, those tourist destinations would become extremely crowded after the college entrance exams. How could he not take advantage of this time?

Also, only a deranged person like Chen Heng would do something like this before the college entrance exams. Which other high schooler did not wish for more review

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