Book 02 Chapter 021: The Chen Heng Who Wants to Mouth Off
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 021: The Chen Heng Who Wants to Mouth Off

The first battle Mash and Fujimaru Ritsuka went to was the one between Georgios and Lancelot. Georgios was a Heroic Spirit that focused on defense, so he found fending off Lancelot quite easy. However, his offense appeared to be lacking. Hence, the advantage of two fighting against one was rather clear now that Mash was here.

When Mash joined the battle and took out her shield, she disrupted Lancelot’s offense, and his attacks weakened.

This seemed like a classic scene of domestic violence.

Then there was Merlin’s side. Merlin’s Illusion Arts and the French army’s support allowed him to reach a draw with Gilles de Rais. However, Merlin wasn’t serious, hardly putting in any effort.

As a Grand Caster candidate, he reached a draw with a Heroic Spirit of the same rank. Furthermore, he had support from others. Who would believe he was going all out? Certainly not Chen Heng.

The others did not experience many problems because of Chen Heng’s tripled gravity field. They mostly held the upper hand. The French army could deal with the wyverns and skeleton soldiers. The gravity field prevented the wyverns from flying, and the skeleton soldiers’ movement slowed; they were no threat at all.

The French army Chen Heng had recruited had its uses. At the very least, the Servants on his side did not need to take time out to deal with the riffraff.

Chen Heng initially wanted to help Merlin kill Gilles de Rais since Gilles de Rais was the true culprit. He did not want a situation where Gilles de Rais regained the Holy Grail after he defeated Jeanne d’Arc Alter. That would mean having to fight another boss—which would be a bit of a hassle.

However, Chen Heng swapped opponents with Jeanne d’Arc. After all, Gilles de Rais was already so pitiful, so just let Saint Jeanne d’Arc, whom he dreamed about, handle his end.

Now that the enemy had lost momentum and the victory was already set in stone, they could afford to mess around a little.

Chen Heng flew to the battle between Jeanne d’Arc and Jeanne d’Arc Alter. The two Jeanne d’Arc

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