Book 02 Chapter 020: Pet +1
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 020: Pet +1

“This? It is a tool that can capture monsters. I can become a dragon knight if I can capture this Fafnir.” Chen Heng did not mind explaining to Fujimaru Ritsuka.

Chen Heng could not act in a way that disrupted the story. However, they were already at the decisive battle. No matter what, Fafnir would disappear. Whether he captured it or killed it, the process did not matter. The most important thing was the result: Fafnir’s disappearance.

“This seems quite interesting. Is there more?”

“I have another one. I have a total of two. This one is for capturing Fafnir. The other is for capturing Jeanne d’Arc Alter. Your Chaldea does not have much combat force, right? If you use this to capture Jeanne d’Arc Alter, it would be like having a Servant. Even if Jeanne d’Arc Alter does not have a Holy Grail supporting her, she is still a strong Servant. Most importantly, you can summon her Servants using her bonds. However, Jeanne d’Arc Alter was created by Gilles de Rais using a Holy Grail. If she dies, she dies for good. She will not return to the Throne of Heroes.” Of course, the disposal of Jeanne d’Arc Alter after her capture would be up to Fujimaru Ritsuka.

Capture other Servants? Which proper Servant would be willing to enter a Poké Ball? This method was quite suitable for Jeanne d’Arc Alter.

Typically, a Servant would just be a clone of the main body in the Throne of Heroes. They already had a master, which was their main body—or rather, the Throne of Heroes. However, Jeanne d’Arc Alter had no main body or records in the Throne of Heroes. She could be captured because she was a faux Servant.

“Oh! He Who Knows Fate, can I use this to capture you?” Fujimaru Ritsuka suddenly asked Chen Heng a strange question.

“…You are truly a crafty little thing. Even I had not thought of such a troublemaking method. Unfortunately, that will not work.” Chen Heng did not expect that Fujimaru Ritsuka had not given up on bringing him back to Chaldea.

Fujimaru Ritsuka could actually say she wanted to capture Chen Heng with the tool he gave her.

“Alright, alright. The more injured the monster is, the higher the chances are of the Poké Ball capturing it. Let me go and stab Fafnir a few more times.” As Chen Heng spoke, he did as he said, then tossed the Heavy Ball again.

Thud. Ding! Congratulations, Chen Heng, on failing again.

Chen Heng pulled the Heavy Ball back into his hand and looked at Fafnir.

“Hey, Fafnir, if you surrender now, I can let your Master accompany you. Otherwise, I will kill her after I kill you.” Since force did not work, Chen Heng tried persuasion. After all, Jeanne d’Arc Alter was called the Dragon Witch. Since she summoned Fafnir, they probably had a good relationship.

Chen Heng tossed the high-grade ball for the third time. Fafnir entered the Poké Ball, and the Poké Ball flashed red a few times before spitting Fafnir back out. Chen Heng’s face, which already showed a smile, congealed.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Right then, Fujimaru Ritsuka da

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