Book 02 Chapter 019: The Store’s Special-Edition Heavy Ball
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 019: The Store’s Special-Edition Heavy Ball


“That’s why I say it is a simple question.”


“You…you don’t have memories, right?”

“So…so what?! I’m still Jeanne d’Arc even without memories.”

Although Jeanne d’Arc had heard Chen Heng say that Jeanne d’Arc Alter was a counterfeit made by Gilles de Rais using a Holy Grail, only at this moment was she convinced.

No matter what, Jeanne d’Arc indeed blocked Jeanne d’Arc Alter, who had a Holy Grail, alone.

The group had discussed this beforehand. Jeanne d’Arc would block Jeanne d’Arc Alter in a verbal battle. After all, Jeanne d’Arc Alter was quite powerful when supported by a Holy Grail.

On the other side, Chen Heng took out 12 five-meter-long flying swords from his spatial storage. These twelve flying swords were not mass-produced trash but the flying swords that true high-cultivation cultivators used. They could be used to lay the Cyclic Demon Slaying Ritual Array. However, Chen Heng did not have Spiritual Energy, and he could not use mana as a replacement; he could only control the swords using his attraction ability. He placed a layer of mana on the giant flying swords before using his A-ranked Dragonslayer, which increased damage to dragons, to slay the dragon. He even increased Fafnir’s gravity by twofold, preventing it from flying.

It was not that Chen Heng could not increase the gravity further but that large creatures like Fafnir drained more mana the stronger the gravity. Tripling the gravity was just nice. It restrained Fafnir’s flight while conserving mana to the greatest degree.

As a side mention, this gravity field covered 500 meters. As the increase of gravity was small, it drained less mana. However, the range was rather large, resulting in a debuff on the enemy Servants.

The most interesting battle should be Marie vs. d’Eon. D’Eon used to be a knight protector of the royal family, so he ended up holding back, just short of offering his neck to Marie to chop his head off.

The lazy Merlin used his illusions to contend with Gilles de Rais, whose Magecraft was not very high-leveled. Gilles de

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