Book 02 Chapter 018: Big Move Killing Three
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 018: Big Move Killing Three

“Those Servants are gathering ten kilometers outside Orléans, and quite a few are there.” Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s True Name Discernment activated, sensing the enemy Servants.

“The French army is southeast of Orléans. That should be the reinforcements that they are waiting for.”

“So, they are waiting for the French soldiers! Humph! How weak! How can our wyvern riders lose?” Jeanne d’Arc Alter started to look down on Chen Heng. How could mere human soldiers resist an army of wyverns?

One minute later:

“Why do I feel somewhat restless? What went wrong? The Servants are still ten kilometers away. As for the human soldiers, how could they pose any danger to me? The source of this restless feeling…” Jeanne d’Arc Alter felt somewhat antsy earlier but did not know where this feeling came from.

After another two more minutes, Jeanne d’Arc Alter was fidgeting, even turning jittery. She walked out of the castle and looked around, trying to find the reason for this restlessness.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter suddenly heard whistling. The sound seemed to come from…above. She looked up but saw nothing. However, her instincts told her that the source of her unease came from the sky.

The whistling grew louder. After a while, Jeanne d’Arc Alter finally saw the source of the whistling. It was a meteor, a meteor rapidly falling toward Orléans.

“Damn it! How could there be such a ridiculous Noble Phantasm? Quickly leave! Get out of Orléans!” Jeanne d’Arc Alter shouted to the castle behind her. Then, she used a Command Spell to summon the evil dragon Fafnir. When the Servants heard her command, they came out of the castle and also discovered the meteor in the sky.

“Hurry! Quickly get on!”


Chen Heng sat ten kilometers outside Orléans with the other Servants beside him. When they saw the meteor falling into Orléans, Fujimaru Ritsuka immediately used a Command Spell to restore Chen Heng’s mana.

Boom! A thunderous report shook half of France. A powerful shock wave rushed at Chen Heng’s group. However, it had weakened after traveling t

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