Book 02 Chapter 017: Gudako Tearing Apart Heroic Spirits with Bare Hands
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 017: Gudako Tearing Apart Heroic Spirits with Bare Hands

Chen Heng suddenly remembered something and turned his head, saying to Fujimaru Ritsuka, “By the way, Master, can you open a communication channel with Chaldea? I would like to speak with Doctor Roman and conduct a transaction.”

“Oh! Alright.” Although she did not know what Chen Heng wanted, she still opened a communication channel with Chaldea out of her trust in him.

“Oh? Fujimaru, what’s up?” Doctor Roman was sitting in front of the monitoring station, eating the food that Chen Heng sent over.

“It’s not me. He Who Knows Fate is looking for you.”


“I would like to make a deal with you.”

“A deal?”

Just like this, Chen Heng gained all the foundational knowledge about Magecraft Chaldea possessed, ten minutes later. He also gained some knowledge about advancing ranks. In exchange, he gave Doctor Roman some materials, a manual for the Misty Arts (a martial technique focused on speed), a manual for the Eighteen Tumbles Close Combat (focused on dodging), and a manual for the Eight Extremes Fist Technique.

[TL Note: The Eight Extremes Fist Technique is a famous Chinese martial art. However, it is named Bajiquan, which is just the pinyin of the technique. I chose to translate it here. The eight extremes refer to the eight trigrams of the Classic of Changes and symbolize the eight cardinal and ordinal directions. Here is the Wikipedia entry on the Eight Extremes Fist Technique:]

The foundational knowledge in Magecraft from Chaldea was not worth much. The more valuable knowledge was the part on advancing ranks. However, Chaldea urgently needed the materials and martial art manuals Chen Heng provided.

The materials Chen Heng gave were part of what Skadi had sent him. These were extras. According to Skadi, they were gifts to him. He had also given Chaldea some daily supplies.

The martial art manuals were for Fujimaru Ritsuka. If she could practice these martial arts to their peak, even if she could not defeat a weak Servant, survival or escape would not be a problem. Since Chen He

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