Book 02 Chapter 022: This Rotten Old Woman Is Too Much
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 022: This Rotten Old Woman Is Too Much

Chen Heng wanted to engage in close combat, as the spear’s advantage would increase significantly with distance. Furthermore, he could not use the sword regularly at such a range.

He pressed hard, but Jeanne d’Arc Alter maintained the gap, preventing him from approaching, and occasionally used her mana to push him back. The two ended up in a stalemate.

However…however, Jeanne d’Arc Alter did not attack normally. She targeted Chen Heng’s lower body. That was right—that specific spot.

This was called attacking the enemy’s weak point. There was nothing wrong in principle, but…

Chen Heng was a man. Although dying here would not affect his true body, a man’s dignity was on the line.

A soldier could be killed but not humiliated. Chen Heng took advantage of a gap in Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s attacks to draw a sword radiating a sharp aura.

The sword in Chen Heng’s hand was quite incredible. It was called the Sharp Metal Sword, possessing great offensive might and extreme sharpness. His father had used it as a Mind Dividing Realm cultivator.

In the following clashes with Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s weapon, Chen Heng aimed at the same spot on the flagpole. With a few strikes, he had already chipped it. Perhaps the flagpole would break after a few more strikes.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter quickly noticed this problem and retreated after one more clash.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter was no fool. If her weapon could not match Chen Heng’s and she persisted in clashing head-on, she would be the one to suffer in the end.

“What’s wrong? Are you not fighting anymore?” Chen Heng did not pursue Jeanne d’Arc Alter when he saw her put her weapon away. Instead, he gave her a strange look.

“Humph!” Jeanne d’Arc Alter did not reply, only snapping her fingers.

Chen Heng suddenly sensed danger and jinked. When he turned his head to look, a flame appeared where he initially stood. If he had not dodged…

Chen Heng looked at the wisp of cursed flames’ position before glancing at the area between his legs.

“Are you done yet? Why do you keep aiming for that spot? What happened t

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