Book 02 Chapter 023: Gilles Is a Jeanne-d’Arc-Con
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 023: Gilles Is a Jeanne-d’Arc-Con

Chen Heng’s side had the authentic Jeanne d’Arc.

Jeanne d’Arc used a honeypot trap and a verbal exchange to restrain Gilles de Rais, distracting him from thinking of taking back the Holy Grail. The others did their best to attack and defeat him before he could take back the Holy Grail.

“Gilles, you created the Dragon Witch with the Holy Grail, right? I have already spoken to the other Jeanne d’Arc. She clearly doesn’t have any memories of her family.” It started! It started! Jeanne d’Arc had started her verbal assault.

“Your instincts are as sharp as ever. Precisely so. The Dragon Witch is my long-cherished wish—my Holy Grail.” Gilles de Rais did not lie, straightforwardly telling the truth. Perhaps he did not want to lie to the saint he idolized.

“I wished for you to revive. That was the wish deep within my heart. That is normal, right? Except…the Holy Grail rejected me. It should be an all-powerful wishing device, but it said it could not fulfill this wish. However, all I want is you. Since that is the case, I’ll just create a new…saint that I firmly believe in, the ideal you! Let me be the one to create you! I used the Holy Grail to create Jeanne d’Arc, the Dragon Witch!”

Gilles de Rais’s expression slowly turned ferocious. He wanted to revive Jeanne d’Arc, but the Holy Grail did not permit that, despite it being the all-powerful Holy Grail. Since that was the case, he just created his own Jeanne d’Arc.

“…So, that’s the case. You did not tell her about this, right? Gilles, if you successfully revived me, I would not become the Dragon Witch. Indeed, I got betrayed and mocked. However, I do not hate my country. I cannot possibly hate it, as you all are still in this nation!” Jeanne d’Arc’s verbal assault dealt a fatal blow to Gilles de Rais.

Heaven rewarded the faithful. Gilles de Rais’s defense wavered under Jeanne d’Arc’s honeypot trap and verbal assault. Hiding using his Illusion Arts, Merlin caught an opportunity and stabbed his sword into Gilles de Rais’s Spiritual Core.

That was right. The trash Merl

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