Book 02 Chapter 024: Sudden Transmigrator
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 024: Sudden Transmigrator

Aside from Jeanne d’Arc and Merlin, even Chen Heng left to help deal with the remaining enemy Servants.

Jeanne d’Arc remained since everyone here was connected to her and to prevent Jeanne d’Arc Alter from fleeing.

Merlin remained purely because of laziness. How joyful it was to avoid work when one could!

Soon, the various battles ended because of Chen Heng and the others.

When Fujimaru Ritsuka returned to where Gilles de Rais died, she saw Merlin and Jeanne d’Arc fighting Jeanne d’Arc Alter. This time, Jeanne d’Arc Alter did not hold back, possibly because of Gilles de Rais’s death. Furthermore, she attacked Jeanne d’Arc and Merlin at full power with support from the Holy Grail.

However, the battle had probably started not too long ago. Although Jeanne d’Arc Alter pushed Jeanne d’Arc back, Jeanne d’Arc was unharmed. Of course, this was due to Merlin’s assistance. Although Merlin was lazy, his support was truly incredible.

When the rest saw this battle, they quickly went to help Jeanne d’Arc.

The battles between the various Servants were already over. The wyverns lost cohesion because of Fafnir’s disappearance, and the French soldiers quickly eliminated them with some Servants’ help, so Chen Heng did not need to maintain his gravity field anymore.

“Is Jeanne d’Arc Alter planning to fight to the end?” Chen Heng prevented Jeanne d’Arc Alter from stabbing her flagpole through Jeanne d’Arc using his attraction barrier.

“I think she is not. After all, she still has not used her Noble Phantasm. Perhaps she is just feeling restless and anxious because of Gilles de Rais’s death and learning her true identity. She is horrified and insecure about her unknown future and does not know what to do.”

“She did not use her Noble Phantasm? Did you not see her using her Noble Phantasm against me five times in succession? Five times… However, she did not use her Noble Phantasm this time. This means there’s a possibility of pulling her to Chaldea’s side.”

“In any case, you weren’t injured. Just forgive her.”

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