Book 02 Chapter 025: Trashy Reincarnator, You Will Die Sooner or Later
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 025: Trashy Reincarnator, You Will Die Sooner or Later

“Alright. Since we have stopped fighting, let’s discuss how to bring you back to Chaldea.” Chen Heng watched as Jeanne d’Arc Alter sheathed her sword, then stabbed her flagpole into the ground. This showed that Jeanne d’Arc Alter had some interest in joining Chaldea.

“Who…who said I’m joining Chaldea?”

Chen Heng ignored Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s textbook tsundere speech. Instead, he strolled toward her.

“What are you doing? Don’t come too close to me!” Jeanne d’Arc Alter crossed her arms, protecting her chest as she watched Chen Heng approach slowly.

“…” Chen Heng did not follow up on those words. Instead, he walked straight to her side.

“I say, you…” Jeanne d’Arc Alter wanted to draw her sword to defend herself, but Chen Heng stopped her. Then he pulled her into his embrace.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter: “Wha…ah!”

“Wow! He Who Knows Fate is extraordinarily bold!”

“Jeanne d’Arc Alter is still a child….” This was Jeanne d’Arc, elder-sister mode.

“I did not expect He Who Knows Fate to like this style.” Fujimaru Ritsuka now felt her earlier explanation was pointless.

As Chen Heng hugged Jeanne d’Arc Alter with one hand, his other hand reached for the spatial folds.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter was about to struggle when she saw a sharp dagger stab at Chen Heng’s other hand.

However, there seemed to be a transparent barrier blocking that dagger.

“What is this?” Jeanne d’Arc Alter stared at that dagger in shock. If Chen Heng had not pulled her away earlier, that dagger would have struck her Spiritual Core.

“Not bad. To think there is someone among the natives of this world who discovered and blocked my attack. Heroic Spirit, tell me your name.” The dagger instantly vanished after the attack failed.

Shortly after, the dagger and its wielder appeared ten meters in front of Chen Heng.

That person wore tight black clothes, was about 1.8 meters tall, and seemed fit. He looked like a handsome young man.

However, this man showed pride on his face. While he praised Chen Heng, he looked at Chen Heng the same way European nobility would

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