Book 02 Chapter 026: Analyzing Spatial Jump’s Principles…
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 026: Analyzing Spatial Jump’s Principles…

“Can you let me go?” Chen Heng had hugged Jeanne d’Arc Alter by the waist again because of the earlier attack, to prevent her from going too far away and getting finished off by a Railgun.

“Are you confident of blocking the earlier Railgun? If you can’t, don’t speak. Just wait quietly.”

Jeanne d’Arc Alter kept quiet.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter was a typical glass-cannon Servant. Her Noble Phantasm focused on offense, and her defense was poor.

While Jeanne d’Arc Alter could bring out an attack no weaker than the Railgun, she would have difficulty defending against such an attack.

“Let me use my Noble Phantasm on him!” Jeanne d’Arc Alter was also a stubborn person. Since she could not defend, she would just attack.

“It’s useless. This fellow has a spatial jump ability. It is not something you can catch up with using speed.” Chen Heng rejected Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s suggestion.

“Good judgment. You must be a defensive Servant, right? Your defense covers all directions, and it is pretty strong. However, how many of such attacks can you block?” As Reincarnator 9527 spoke, he took out another metal nail and aimed it at Jeanne d’Arc Alter.

“Hey, Jeanne d’Arc Alter, use your Noble Phantasm on him.”

“Didn’t you say it wouldn’t hit him? Why do you want me to use my Noble Phantasm?” Jeanne d’Arc Alter thought, When I wanted to use my Noble Phantasm, you said no. Now you want me to use my Noble Phantasm. Well, I won’t!

“We can observe the range of his spatial jumps, the cooldowns, his habits when using the spatial jumps, and so on.” This was pure nonsense from Chen Heng. He just wanted Jeanne d’Arc Alter to use her Noble Phantasm to force Reincarnator 9527 to use his spatial jump several times.

Chen Heng felt confident of grasping the pattern if he observed the spatial jump a few times.

Chen Heng had an attraction ability. He could use it to fold space and perform spatial jumps. However, spatial jumps were very dangerous. That was why he had never tried it. Furthermore, he had never met a spatial ability user.

Now that he ha

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