Book 03 Chapter 027: Even the Ashes of the Bones Got Scattered
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 027: Even the Ashes of the Bones Got Scattered

The wooden sword attack came from Chen Heng. As he was unsure whether Reincarnator 9527 could control metal flying swords, he chose a wooden flying sword from his spatial storage. Although this was a wooden sword, one shouldn’t look down on its offensive power.

This thing was made from a very tough branch of a one-thousand-year-old locust tree spirit king. It could even erupt with Ghost Energy.

As a cultivator clan with a single line of descent for over a thousand years, the Chen Clan had plenty of resources. The Chen Clan stored all these resources in the inherited spatial storage. Just imagine how much was in there. Even Chen Heng himself had yet to figure it out.

When he took time to tidy up a small part of the spatial storage, he would often stumble over some pleasant surprises.

Actually, the Chen Clan’s rules forbade carrying the inherited spatial storage necklace on one’s person lest someone snatched it away. That would reduce the Chen Clan’s many years of accumulation to nothing. Even if one carried it around, they had to bring another spatial storage as a smokescreen.

However, Chen Heng gave up and stopped bothering. After all, he had no descendants yet. If he died, it would not matter if the spatial storage got snatched.

“I say, you natives are very troublesome. Obediently hand the Holy Grail to me, alright?” Reincarnator 9527 grumbled impatiently. Following that, he took out a custom-made rocket launcher from his storage space and shot an artillery shell at Chen Heng and Jeanne d’Arc Alter using electromagnetism.

Perhaps because this rocket launcher was custom-made, vast flames engulfed Chen Heng and Jeanne d’Arc Alter when the artillery shell struck Chen Heng’s barrier. Fortunately, they had the repulsion barrier; otherwise, this attack would have injured them.

However, Chen Heng could not see what Reincarnator 9527 did after because the fire obstructed his vision.

Suddenly, he sensed a spatial jump behind Jeanne d’Arc Alter. Furthermore, the spatial fold was extremely close—a distance of ten ce

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