Book 02 Chapter 028: You Guessed Wrong, Right? It’s a Red-and-White Ball
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 028: You Guessed Wrong, Right? It’s a Red-and-White Ball

“I say, Doctor, you are bad at reading the atmosphere!” Jeanne d’Arc, who the Holy Grail couldn’t revive, stood at the side, while there was the Jeanne d’Arc Alter created by a Holy Grail. To think Doctor Roman used this as an example. No wonder Fujimaru Ritsuka protested.

“Oh! Sorry! Sorry!” Doctor Roman only just realized the impropriety of this example.

“It’s fine. It is a fact.” Jeanne d’Arc had a good temper. Few things could make her angry, corruption being one of them.

When Jeanne d’Arc Alter fully recovered, she stood up, getting out of Chen Heng’s embrace. She had lain in his arms all the while. She was only a few days old, so she had never experienced something so stimulating and intimate before.

“Here, take this. I have no use for this thing.” Jeanne d’Arc Alter took the Holy Grail out of her body after her injuries healed, and tossed it to Chen Heng.

Chen Heng scrutinized this legendary Holy Grail for a while before tossing it to Fujimaru Ritsuka.

“I don’t need this thing, either. It should go to Chaldea. Take it as Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s proof of sincerity. Master, remember to take good care of this Holy Grail.”

Fujimaru Ritsuka looked at the Holy Grail in her hand before handing it to Mash.

“Mash, store this in your shield. I recall your shield has a dedicated space for storing Holy Grails, right?”

“That’s right, Senpai!” Mash received the proffered Holy Grail and stored it in her shield.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter found the sight of the group passing the Holy Grail around strange. Seeing people handing off a Holy Grail like this was truly rare. After all, it should be something everyone wanted.

“Proof of sincerity? Who said I’m going to Chaldea?” Jeanne d’Arc Alter whipped her head aside, showing disdain.

<Tsundere scene.jpg> (○` 3′○)

“Hey, hey, hey! He Who Knows Fate, this is the legendary tsundere, right?” Fujimaru Ritsuka whispered into Chen Heng’s ear after walking over to his side.

“That, eh…Master, I’ll inform you of something now. Never underestimate a Servant’s hearing.” Chen Heng showed

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