Book 02 Chapter 029: Merlin, Don’t Be in a Hurry to Leave
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 029: Merlin, Don’t Be in a Hurry to Leave

“Alright, I got it.” Fujimaru Ritsuka nodded gravely as she accepted the red-and-white ball.

With the Singularity dealt with, it was time to say goodbye.

After Reincarnator 9527’s ashes scattered in the wind, the Servants walked over to Fujimaru Ritsuka and Chen Heng. Their figures now seemed translucent.

The group had already retrieved the Holy Grail and dealt with the Singularity. With the Servants’ missions accomplished, it was time for them to return to the Throne of Heroes.

“Holy Grail retrieval complete! Next is to correct the timeline. Spiritron transfer preparation ready. You can come back at any time.” Doctor Roman’s voice came from Fujimaru Ritsuka’s wrist.

“Got it, Doctor.”

“Sigh…this is goodbye? Goodbye, little doggy.”

“Ah! We are parting here? However, Master, don’t worry. I am a stubborn person. No matter where you go, I will follow. For this is love, right? All the best to you.”

For some reason, Elizabeth Báthory and Kiyohime had very favorable impressions of Fujimaru Ritsuka. Their goodbyes were quite interesting. They vanished into nothing after finishing their last words.

“Master, it has been pleasant working with you. It would be great if I could help you out the next time.” This was the prim and proper Georgios. Likewise, he vanished after his goodbyes.

The next few Servants also came to say goodbye.

What’s worth mentioning was Marie kissing Fujimaru Ritsuka, Chen Heng, and Mash before vanishing. Mozart just showed an expression that said, “Here we go again.”

[Author Note: The original storyline’s lore mentioned Marie has a habit of kissing people. The palace even got separated into two factions: those who were kissed and those who were not.]

It was still fine for Fujimaru Ritsuka and Mash. However, Chen Heng felt stunned. This was his first kiss. Although it was not on the lips, it was still a first for him….

Finally, Jeanne d’Arc, Merlin, and Chen Heng remained.

After Jeanne d’Arc said goodbye to the real Gilles de Rais, she vanished. Perhaps she delayed her disappearance to say

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