Book 03 Chapter 001: Oh No! Jeanne Alter Ended Up in My Hands
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 001: Oh No! Jeanne Alter Ended Up in My Hands

Book 03: Daily Life

“I finally returned. Although it was only five days, it feels like a long time passed. However, I gained quite a lot.” Chen Heng looked at the two Poké Balls in his hand in satisfaction. …Wait? Two?

Chen Heng looked at the two Poké Balls, stunned. One was the Heavy Ball containing Fafnir; the other was the regular Poké Ball containing Jeanne d’Arc Alter.

Didn’t I give the red-and-white Poké Ball to Fujimaru Ritsuka? Why is it in my hand?

“Customer Service! Customer Service! There’s a bug!”

What’s wrong? You are the most troublesome one.

“Ah…haha…this time, it is a problem with the Poké Ball. I recall I transferred usage rights to Fujimaru Ritsuka. Why did it return to me?”

You already said it. What you transferred were usage rights, not ownership. Poké Balls are bound to you. This is in case a member accidentally leaves a Poké Ball behind in another world and cannot retrieve it.

“Then why could Fujimaru Ritsuka hold this ball and undergo Spiritron transfer? The ball did not return to my hand then.”

The Poké Balls are soul-bound. You can loan out usage rights but cannot transfer ownership. The transfer of usage rights is predicated on the Poké Ball’s owner and the user being in the same world. When Fujimaru Ritsuka underwent Spiritron transfer, the Poké Ball was still within the Fate/Grand Order world.

“Why does it have to be the same world?”

I’ll answer with a question. If you accidentally dropped Fafnir in another world and had no way to retrieve it, would you look for me, the customer service?

“That’s right.”

After looking for me, the customer service, do I have to solve the problem for you?

“Of course. You are the customer service!”

Alright, then. That’s it. The problem is solved at the roots. This prevents you from coming to cry to me, then my having to retrieve the Poké Ball. How troublesome! How am I to laze around?

“So, Jeanne d’Arc Alter is stuck with me?”

That’s right.

“Is there no way

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