Chapter 70: Do You Mind If I Draw It To Have A Better Look?
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 70: Do You Mind If I Draw It To Have A Better Look?

In this gloomy atmosphere, the gorgeous sword seemed to give off a filtered glow.

Disregarding the value of its gold hilt and gemstones, just its emblazonry and the overall model was enough to make any ordinary layman marvel at its exquisite craftsmanship.

Every curvature was gracefully appropriate and even the scabbard was engraved with intricate patterns. Embedded in the middle of its crossguard was a clear, black crystal.

On a whole, this sword model didn't seem that—— exaggerated.

At a glance, this sword was approximately 1.3 meters long, within the acceptable range of a two-handed sword. The cross-shaped crossguard wasn't ostentatious either and seemed rather appropriate for a sword of that length.

Just that its make and the decorations were a little over the top.

Although Lin Jie didn't have the professional capability to appraise items, he was able to tell from a glance that the value of such a sword wouldn't be ordinary given the level of craftsmanship, even if the adornments were faux gold and artificial gemstones.

Under normal circumstances, probably no one would bring such a sword to battle, would they?

If it accidentally takes a knock...

Lin Jie's mouth twitched slightly as he scrutinized the shimmering long sword on the countertop.

This... I did say to entrust me with your worries and burdens, but what are you trying to do by giving me such a precious sword?

This is your decision?

What sort of decision is this?

Lin Jie then shifted his gaze to study Joseph's expression. The old man's eyes were filled with resolve and relief.

A pensive expression appeared on Lin Jie's face.

This didn't seem like a joke and from their past interaction, Joseph didn't seem like someone who would joke around.

Giving the sword was probably Joseph's answer to Lin Jie's previous suggestion.

And from its extraordinary level of exquisiteness, Lin Jie could discern that this sword was a weapon without much practical use.

It seemed more like a sort of ceremonial sword.

Then perhaps, the meaning of this sword could represent Joseph's experiences, responsibility, and honor from his time in the army.

Lin Jie couldn’t help being reminded of Melissa. This child was a natural brat, but from her appearance alone, Lin Jie could tell that she had an upbringing that wouldn’t be possible in any ordinary family environment. Moreover, Joseph had very strict and high expectations from Melissa.

Based on this, Lin Jie felt that Joseph might be from a sort of aristocratic military family that perhaps held a post of nobility.

That could also explain where Joseph’s strong sense of justice came from.

An ordinary veteran might not possess such an obsession, but it made perfect sense if it was borne from the family clan’s teachings from young.

Even though Lin Jie knew that the nobility living in Norzin’s central district were merely all in name, their societal status was still at a higher level than most affluent people.

The histories and past glories of these family clans couldn’t be denied.

Now, Joseph had made the gesture to give this sword to Lin Jie. Did he mean to completely give it up?

With caution and respect, Lin Jie cleared his throat and asked, “Are you certain? Is your decision to give this sword to me?

"This was probably passed down to you. Do you need to reconsider once more?”

“I’m certain,” Joseph nodded.

Glancing at the long sword before him, he went on, “You are right. My flesh is willing, but my spirit is weak. Even if it was passed on to me, I no longer have the rights to continue bearing it. It’s also about time I learnt to give it up. This sword is too heavy for me and perhaps there isn’t any one amongst us capable of inheriting it.

“We can’t thank you enough for being willing to take over.”

The curse of the demon sword carried the combined resentment of the extinct elf kingdom that even Supreme-ranks were helpless against.

They had suppressed it time after time, but it always ended up in failure.

Yet, they hadn’t given up all this time because of Secret Rite Tower’s conviction and creed. It was only now that they saw the truth. The elders had also admitted their failure and chosen to agree to Joseph’s request to pass on the sword.

Lin Jie sighed. Looks like yet another family clan on the decline...

Moreover, they had probably found a new future path and thus could so decisively pass on this sword to him.

However, this was also inevitable and perhaps even more real than Doris’ family clan’s matter of losing their entire family clan’s raison d’être.

After all, there were no longer any wars in Azir, and even other noble families had waned, let alone the sort of aristocratic military family Joseph was from.

A new path had to be eked out if they wanted to continue existing.

But Joseph was being so polite even when giving Lin Jie a gift. This made the bookstore owner who had recently profited from this father-daughter pair feel… a little embarrassed.

Lin Jie smiled, and reached out to pick up the sword for a closer look. “Hey, there’s no need for such formalities. Helping customers is something I take pleasure in. I’m just very happy to be able to help you all.”

Mmm... It seems even lighter than I imagined.

A ceremonial sword indeed.

Lin Jie nodded several times as he scrutinized the sword from tip to end. The more he looked at it, the more impressed he got at the sword’s details.

Joseph’s eyebrows jerked up when he saw the bookstore owner pick up the hilt of the demon sword Candela with one hand and brushed the fingers of his other hand over the body. Even Joseph himself found it strenuous just to lift this sword up...

Even though it was similar in length to any ordinary long sword, the materials used to craft it came from a dream realm. It was so heavy that even a Destructive-rank like Joseph needed to exert a great deal of effort to hold it in one hand if his body didn’t use any aetheric powers.

And up till this point, he hadn’t sensed any aetheric disturbance from the bookstore owner’s body.

Joseph could already see the malevolent energy surging within the sword’s ‘demon eye’. A turbulent darkness, threatening to devour whatever it touched.

"It's really beautiful!" Lin Jie didn't spare any praise.

Regardless whether cold or hot, weapons were able to tantalize the thrill of battle in men's blood.

Deep down, he had already taken a liking to this splendid sword and couldn't help asking, "Do you mind if I draw it to have a better look?"

Joseph's heart started pounding. The demon sword's curse was mainly on the blade of the sword.

Because the elven king Candela who had gone crazy had ultimately killed himself using this sword.

This sword had been like a wedge, crucifying Candela's soul to the sword blade for all eternity.

And this sword didn't have a scabbard originally.

The current scabbard had been fitted on by Secret Tower later on, and it had the effect of restraining the curse. But once the sword was drawn, the curse would first assail the wielder, and if that person's will wasn't resolute enough, the wielder might go crazy on the spot.

Even a Great Radiant Knight would need to first be fully equipped before being permitted to come into contact with this demon sword.


The one before Joseph was the bookstore owner after all.

Joseph nodded. “Of course you may... Please be careful."

Lin Jie nodded. Cutting himself would be bad and he definitely needed to be careful.

He then slowly drew the long sword out of its sheath.

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It was as if a white blaze exploded and illuminated the entire bookstore instantly.

This mirror-like long sword blade was thin yet sharp. It radiated with a dazzling luster and had carvings of an unknown language inscribed on it.

However, Joseph saw black demonic energyoozing out from the tip like some sort of poisonous fluid.

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