Chapter 71: This Sword Seems A Little Bit Dirty
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 71: This Sword Seems A Little Bit Dirty

Demonic energy bubbled forth from the black crystal that was named 'demon eye'.

This black and malevolent energy was like smog, flowing down from the blade and turning into countless venomous snakes with blood-colored eyes and avaricious gazes that slithered towards the bookstore owner.

Even though Joseph knew that the bookstore owner was powerful, he felt extremely tense seeing Lin Jie not doing anything as that malevolent energy started to engulf him.

During the time when that ancient kingdom still existed, it was said that the elf king Candela was an existence that could rival gods.

Not a Supreme-rank, but an actual divine being.

Within ancient documents that were since damaged and lost, there were always similar recordings about him— "With his griffin by his side, Candela had the support of the masses. Wielding light and fire akin to wielding the sun, he went off against the supreme being that brought a night with no light."

He was the one who stood up in a time where there was no light. The only one who dared challenge that divine being whose name was taboo.

But unfortunately, it ultimately ended in failure.

Even so, the only bit of power he left behind was that powerful.

After Candela's death, his immense resentment together with his soul were intertwined with that sword, creating this terrifying curse.

Despite many centuries of baptism and cleansing, there hadn't been any changes at all.

Instead, beings that came into contact with the demon sword would be corrupted by it.

Even Secret Rite Tower's Great Radiant Knights that had undergone rigorous training would all go crazy from the curse's corruption and eventually die.

The bookstore owner was powerful without a doubt. However, the demon sword's curse was something that even Supreme-ranks were helpless against, otherwise, Secret Rite Tower wouldn't have had to use manpower to seal this powerful curse.

Joseph's gaze followed those slithering snake-like energy and his heart raced even more.

This wasn't a mere anxiousness only, but also anticipation and excitement as if he were witnessing a battle between divine beings spanning over countless centuries in the confines of this tiny bookstore.

He swore that he had never experienced such unstable emotions even in his most exhilarating and life-threatening battles.

Joseph clenched his fists, staring wide-eyed as the surging malevolent energy rose up. As before, the bookstore owner remained unmoved while scrutinizing the details of the long sword.

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