Chapter 71: This Sword Seems A Little Bit Dirty
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 71: This Sword Seems A Little Bit Dirty

Demonic energy bubbled forth from the black crystal that was named 'demon eye'.

This black and malevolent energy was like smog, flowing down from the blade and turning into countless venomous snakes with blood-colored eyes and avaricious gazes that slithered towards the bookstore owner.

Even though Joseph knew that the bookstore owner was powerful, he felt extremely tense seeing Lin Jie not doing anything as that malevolent energy started to engulf him.

During the time when that ancient kingdom still existed, it was said that the elf king Candela was an existence that could rival gods.

Not a Supreme-rank, but an actual divine being.

Within ancient documents that were since damaged and lost, there were always similar recordings about him— "With his griffin by his side, Candela had the support of the masses. Wielding light and fire akin to wielding the sun, he went off against the supreme being that brought a night with no light."

He was the one who stood up in a time where there was no light. The only one who dared challenge that divine being whose name was taboo.

But unfortunately, it ultimately ended in failure.

Even so, the only bit of power he left behind was that powerful.

After Candela's death, his immense resentment together with his soul were intertwined with that sword, creating this terrifying curse.

Despite many centuries of baptism and cleansing, there hadn't been any changes at all.

Instead, beings that came into contact with the demon sword would be corrupted by it.

Even Secret Rite Tower's Great Radiant Knights that had undergone rigorous training would all go crazy from the curse's corruption and eventually die.

The bookstore owner was powerful without a doubt. However, the demon sword's curse was something that even Supreme-ranks were helpless against, otherwise, Secret Rite Tower wouldn't have had to use manpower to seal this powerful curse.

Joseph's gaze followed those slithering snake-like energy and his heart raced even more.

This wasn't a mere anxiousness only, but also anticipation and excitement as if he were witnessing a battle between divine beings spanning over countless centuries in the confines of this tiny bookstore.

He swore that he had never experienced such unstable emotions even in his most exhilarating and life-threatening battles.

Joseph clenched his fists, staring wide-eyed as the surging malevolent energy rose up. As before, the bookstore owner remained unmoved while scrutinizing the details of the long sword.

In just a moment, the snake at the forefront was almost upon Lin Jie's hand.

As he surveyed the sharp shining sword, Lin Jie's attention was drawn to the words on the blade. His eyebrow scrunched up as he tried to get a better look.

The red rose on the counter top shuddered, revealing an eyeball. It gazed at the demon sword fearfully before curling up within its petals.

Joseph held his breath subconsciously.

But at this moment, behind the bookstore owner, an even darker shadow appeared within the bookshelf that wasn't much illuminated by light.

That formless darkness twisted and slowly expanded outwards. Joseph wasn't able to discern what it was, but he experienced an instinctive chill.

The darkness occupying the gaps of the bookshelf behind the bookstore owner was at least three meters tall and still growing.

Joseph felt a slight dizziness watching this scene. Were those eyes or limbs squirming around within that darkness?

Before he even had time to wonder, he saw that the shadow was already beside the bookstore owner and extended a thin, black tendril which had many little eyes on it.

This was a terror way beyond the imagination of any ordinary being.

At the fringes of where light and darkness met, the bookstore owner stood beneath the light, holding the sharp sword while behind him was the indescribable darkness. Only a thin tendril reached out from within and revealed its sinister appearance under the light.

Joseph shuddered in fear as he saw that tendril touch the 'demon eye' crystal before entering it.

The assault of malevolent energy came to a sudden halt. The black snakes quivered before turning into black wisps of smoke that were furiously sucked back into the 'demon eye'.

Within the perfectly-cut crystal, the sordid and malevolent energy bubbled fervently.

However, this time, it was no longer excited, but terrified and panicked instead.

To put it into words, this was akin to a scene in a horror film of the hunted having been caught by the hunter and struggling before the eventual death.

Joseph could practically hear the soundless screams and shrieks via the aether.

He watched as the struggles of the energy within the 'demon eye' gradually weakened till all activity ceased, as if they were being thoroughly devoured. Joseph vaguely even felt a little pity for them.

Having 'eaten its fill,' the tendril retracted back into the darkness.

For a moment, Joseph saw the numerous eyes within the darkness that were like the countless stars in the night sky move slightly.

And in the next moment, everything had returned to normal.

The darkness within the bookshelf was just a shadow formed from the light.

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Actually, as Lin Jie had been studying the blade, he had vaguely felt that the lower half of the blade hadbecome slightly blacker.

At the same time, he also thought that he might have been a little short-sighted—this blade seemed a little dirty.

Lin Jie felt strange and changed the angle of the sword and discovered that the blade had become even brighter, as if it had a new layer of dazzling luster added to it.

The blackness he thought was dirt had already vanished.

When gazing at the hilt, he felt like the black crystal embedded within seemed even more transparent now.


Lin Jie paused in his perusal of the sword. He felt that viewing the sword from different angles produced a different effect and he couldn't help raising an eyebrow. "Interesting."

He once again smiled and exclaimed in praise, "Mr. Joseph, your sword is really interesting. For a moment, I even thought that it was dirty, but I never expected it to be a part of the craftsmanship."

The bookstore owner's unchanged expression made Joseph quickly come back to his senses before falling into disbelief and doubt again.

Is... is this real?

The unbreakable curse that troubled Secret Rite Tower for so long and took the lives of countless Great Radiant Knights was dissolved in just an instant?!!!

The bookstore owner even said mockingly that this 'dirty' curse was just a part of its craftsmanship. Did he mean to say that it was merely a trifle?

Lin Jie placed the sword back on the counter top and then said, "The words inscribed on it appear to be some sort of ancient Azir language. Do you know its meaning?"

Joseph shook his head absent-mindedly as he recovered from the shock with great difficulty. He calmed himself down and replied, "This language has long since been lost. If you require it, I can help you search for relevant materials."

Lin Jie was thrilled. "I'll just have to thank you then."

Revealing a warm smile to Joseph, he continued, "I don't have anything that can be a reward. But if you wish to read a book, I can give you one for free. How about you try picking out one by yourself?"

Joseph glanced at the dark bookshelf and his face paled. "It's alright. Thank you, but I think I would like you to recommend me one instead..."

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