Chapter 72: When The Stars Return
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 72: When The Stars Return

Oh? Lin Jie was slightly surprised. Looks like his words during Joseph's two visits had quite the effect which had brought about a certain level of trust and reliance.

Rather than choosing a book on his own, Joseph trusted Lin Jie to recommend one instead.

Looks like the next one to become a regular just like Old Wil is just around the corner... This is an extremely pleasing progress indeed.

"That's fine as well."

Lin Jie got up and walked to the bookshelf behind him. After some muttering to himself, he picked out a book. "If that's the case, I think this book would be helpful for your current phase."

Joseph reached out and took the book, noticing the very distinct title, When The Stars Return.

When the stars... return?

Joseph's heart shuddered and his arms tensed up. A loud creaking sounded from the interior mechanism of his mechanical arm.

Joseph was someone with a great level of control over his ability and had never lost the slightest bit of control over this mechanical arm before. Thus, this really showed how affected he was.

Of course, a part of it was the indescribable terror he felt after witnessing what had appeared within that bookshelf.

To Joseph, that 'battle of divine entities' that concluded in just a split second was just like a firework in the night sky, etching an unforgettable brilliance in Joseph's heart.

Unimaginable power that was impossible to comprehend, yet that had merely been the tip of the iceberg...

Joseph thought to himself that if gods truly existed, that would be it.

At the same time, in every mystical domain, the heavens would always represent the ultimate taboo.

What lay beyond the expanse of distant sky was a boundless darkness that made people's hearts palpitate because nobody knew exactly what was within that endless unknown.

And now, a 'god' had produced a book regarding the 'heavens'.

Even if Joseph no longer dared to think about it, he couldn't stop himself from flipping the cover open with slightly trembling fingers.

The bookstore owner behind the counter spoke, "These biogra

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Stellar Moments of Humankind - Stefan Zweig

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Special thanks to Tetra & Aco for editing and pr-ing
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