Chapter 73: Super Speed Learning
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 73: Super Speed Learning

Joseph walked out clutching the book in his hand. Staring at the gloomy curtain of rain, he felt that he needed to calm himself down.

With deep breaths, he took in the scents of mud mixed with rain. A cold draft of air entered his nose and into his lungs helping him perk up.

Joseph extended a hand and closed his fingers tightly, causing a crisp cracking sound.

He sensed all the strength in his entire body and couldn't help revealing a calm and confident smile.

If there were people who knew the present Joseph, they would be astonished to find that it wasn't the usual sarcastic sneer of the Intelligence Branch Section Chief Joseph. Instead, the image now was the Great Radiant Knight Joseph that had long since disappeared from everyone's eyes.

Bearing the demon sword for so many years had caused Joseph's state of mind to be incessantly corroded by that sinister and malevolent energy. And using his own determination against it had turned it into a troubling shortcoming that made Joseph find it difficult to maintain clear-headedness, rationality, as well as being unable to control his body's strength.

For a knight whose mission was to do combat, being incapable of controlling one's body was a rather dangerous and life-threatening issue.

After the battle with Wilde, such circumstances got even more severe after Joseph lost his right arm.

His recent years of self-abandonment and decline hadn't just been because of this. The factor of the demon sword had considerably contributed towards it.

But now, the demon sword that had bedeviled him for decades had been passed on once and for all. Moreover, the bookstore owner had instantly 'devoured' the curse.

It was as if a chronic illness had been thoroughly eradicated.

The shackles on his mind and body seemed to have been lifted, allowing him to be at ease. Joseph believed with another period of adjustment, he would be able to recover close to his peak strength.

While he might have lost his weapon, he had gained determination, self-belief, as well as a gift from the bookstore owner.

This transaction hadn't been too bad, and he had even profited.

Now, Joseph needed to properly digest this upcoming change.

Fortunately, most of the Intelligence Branch’s work right now mainly involved searching for the White Wolf hunter's whereabouts, and Joseph could probably free himself from work and there wasn't any need to handle any cases.

After being away from home for quite some time, Joseph returned and kept his umbrella aside. He inhaled deeply as he stepped inside.

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