Chapter 74: Ackerman's Many Tiered Methods
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 74: Ackerman's Many Tiered Methods

Ackerman could never get used to the environment in the Truth Union no matter how many times he came.

In a hunter's life, blood, steel, killings, brutality, chaos, and insanity were but some of the aspects. Hunters were just a bunch of beasts in human skin.

During Beast Mutation, they didn't even have any way of retaining their human form, and the only thing 'human' that remained was the innermost core.

And the life of hunters was more straightforward and barbaric.

This was practically a complete opposite of the Truth Union who worshiped knowledge and rationality.

This office was located on the upper floors of the Truth Union's general headquarters.

It was clean, neat, and mostly comprised of leather and glass. The furnishings were lavish, and the layout was strict to the extremes that not even any superfluous bits existed.

What was most uncomfortable for Ackerman was that there wasn't any smell.

No matter how luxurious the decorations were, it couldn't conceal the icy-cold atmosphere.

It wasn't just the building, but the people within as well.

To be precise, the smell of most members of the Truth Union was extremely bland and consistent.

They went about their life following rigid schedules and spent everyday in laboratories or classes. Such people rarely did any unnecessary activities and thus, didn't have any other smells polluting them.

Leading a life within such an environment for long periods made them seem to have integrated with the concept of knowledge and made them somewhat empty.

The only thing that remained was the reeking of an icy-cold smell.

The scent of 'desire for knowledge.'

Ackerman didn’t disguise himself today. He no longer took the form of an ordinary and tired working class. Instead, he was now a pallid and malicious-looking hunter dressed in black.

He looked to be approximately 20 with a skinny frame and a cold, distant expression. Many people said he was like a bell ringer who waits throughout the night to ring the bell tower at daybreak due to his sufficient patience.

In fact, he did have q

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