Chapter 75: Wish You Success In Your Operation
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 75: Wish You Success In Your Operation

Andrew momentarily froze up.

For a moment, he even started to doubt if he had heard it correctly.

Secret Rite Tower and the Truth Union had collaborated for a long time because the ranking list needed updating and refreshing each year. This never changed even if there were S-rank case files.

Although they were just a few S-ranks, whatever changes generally wouldn't be large.

Moreover, Andrew was too lazy to even feign hesitation this time and made the call without any intention of haggling. Secret Rite Tower had no reason to reject this transaction either.

However, the reality was that he had been rejected.

The youngster on the other end of the screen had clearly said, "This case file is not for sale."

But what puzzled and enraged Andrew was that three seconds ago, Claude had been seemingly about to haggle for a good price, like Joseph normally did.

It meant that in the span of three seconds, this case file went from being purchasable to becoming unavailable for sale.

Was this even reasonable?

Andrew's face darkened. There was definitely a factor during those three seconds that had made this youngster change his tune.

At this sort of time, there was one person who could give Claude an order he would comply without hesitation.

The Intelligence Branch Section Chief who had requested for leave and left his disciple in temporary charge—Abraham Joseph.


Andrew exhaled sharply and uttered, "Let me speak with Joseph.”

Claude wasn't surprised that Andrew managed to guess the truth in such a short time. After all, the change had been sudden and he was only listening to Joseph's orders.


He shot a glance at the newly received message.

"I'm extremely sorry, Mr. Andrew. Teacher has some urgent matters to attend to right now and can't have a call with you right away."

Claude then added on, "You can ask me directly if you have any queries. I will definitely try my best to help answer, uh... give a reasonable explanation."

"Oh?" Andrew leaned back into the sofa. With an icy expression, he said, "So Claude, could you explain to me why this case file is no longer for sale all of a sudden?"

Claude cleared his throat and answered with full politeness. "It's like this. This was all due to my carelessness. The classification of S-rank Zone 0113's file has been changed from 'confidential' to 'sealed'.

"Even with your authority and preferential treatment, we still aren't able to sell you a file of this classification. It would be a breach of rules if I were to sell it to you and I would be severely punished for it.

"I'm only taking over Teacher's job temporarily and ensuring the Intelligence Branch operates as normal. I'm still not familiarized with these matters and can only offer my sincerest apologies for this slip-up. Fortunately, this happened before we made a transaction so it didn't result in any dire consequences. As for Teacher's affairs, I really am not too sure with regard to that.

"If it is indeed necessary, you can wait till Teacher finishes handling his matters and speak to him personally, or you can speak with the elders directly."

Claude had used the 'I'm just a temporary worker' excuse to express that his hands were tied and recommended Andrew to speak to relevant supervisors instead.

Andrew's expression got uglier, but even though he was now gritting his teeth, there was nothing that could be done.

Because, if what Claude had said was true, Secret Rite Tower was just handling the matter as per regulations.

But Andrew had no idea why this attitude didn't quell the age in him and instead fueled the rage. All he felt was as if he had been toyed with.

Now, the most important question was why this case file had been suddenly changed to a sealed classification.

Andrew put a calm smile back on. "It's been less than a month. Why was the classified status raised? In any case, this is still the same case, right? The subject is still that bookstore and the owner's alignment, and the motives are still currently being investigated. What reason is there for you all to decline handing this information over to the Truth Union?

"Or have you all been led astray by the bookstore owner..."

Claude interrupted, "I'm sorry—"

A vein bulged on his temple as he felt increasingly irritated by these two words. Staring at the communication device in his hand, he asked slowly, "What is it this time?"

"It isn't just one case file.

"What I'm saying is... I'll have to explain it to you. After detailed and supplementary investigations, File 0113 has already expanded into File 0114. File 0113 is merely a report on the area, whereas File 0114 is a personnel profile. The two of them are classified as sealed.

"As for your other query, the elders have already dispatched a professional assessor and her evaluation is identical to Joseph's. The bookstore owner is indeed friendly and has no clear-cut motives, but it doesn't mean that he does not have any. However, from what we know of the situation, he doesn't have any inclination to evil so there isn't a need to fuss over it."

Claude didn't forget to add on an extra line after he finished saying all that. "All this is other information and not the main contents of the file."

Andrew scoffed, "Ridiculous! Does having no evil tendencies now mean he doesn't have them? If this is the way Secret Rite Tower handles their affairs, then I am extremely disappointed. Your suggestion is not bad indeed. I will need to have a good chat with the three elders soon..."

Claude heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that and nodded gleefully. "It's great that you are able to understand. I hope you can have a good talk with the elders."

Andrew nearly choked up. For a moment, he couldn't distinguish whether Claude really meant it.

Noticing Vice-Chairman Andrew's silence, Claude probed, "Do you still have any other questions?"

Andrew calmed himself down. He had nearly been taken for a ride. With an intent gaze, he muttered, "This still isn't enough. You still haven't told me why this was suddenly raised to a sealed status."

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"This matter is really beyond my jurisdiction and I do not know anything nor have seniority to change the level of classification. Didn't you decide to have a chat with the elders, Mr. Andrew? I believe that it would be more efficient than having this talk with me."

Goddamn it! This teacher-student pair are just equally as slick and crafty!

Having been in a deadlock for quite some time, Andrew gritted his teeth and uttered, "Alright then, I will personally investigate this bookstore."

"That's great! I wish you success in your operation! It's said that the bookstore owner is not only friendly, but is very willing to help with the problems of others. I hope you will have a pleasant visit..."


The communications device was shut off.

Andrew sat alone in the office for quite a long while, staring at the heavy rain peppering the windows. He reached out for the decanter of red wine on the table and poured himself a glass.

"Haa... Personally? I really shouldn't have said that in a pique of rage. The curiosity of those 'truth seeking' scholars can be put to use here though..."

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