Chapter 76: Good Firewood
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 76: Good Firewood

Heris pressed his hand against the window, watching the hunters beneath transport corpses hurriedly.

A putrid stench of rotting had taken hold of this cramped space.

Greenish water flowed along the channels at the edges, carrying carcasses of rats, bones, blood, and other indeterminable matter.

Bloodstains and bits of body parts were strewn all over the ground. Hunters were busy going through these, tossing out the rotted bits into the sewers and feeding the bits that were still fresh to the hounds.

The hounds growled and howled as they feasted, creating sickening crunches as they bit through bone.

These hounds that fed on human flesh had blood-colored eyes and rows of jagged teeth with a sticky drool dripping from them continuously. Besides that, the odor from that was absolutely dreadful.

The hunters that still remained here—the ones feeding the hounds—were already no different from beasts at this moment.

Having injected themselves with sordid blood far exceeding the thresholds, they now relied on the methods of Scarlet Cult's black magicians to keep them awake.

Their bodies and minds were already twisted together. Beneath the wrapped bandages were tufts of coarse fur and beastly appendages. Their beast eyes were clouded yellow and their sanity could be lost at any moment.

In a sense, there were no longer any more humans here.

In the incubator above, the originally gem-like Magic Ovum Mirror had already become a crystal flower with a sleek mirrored core. And surrounding the crystal were lumps of swollen flesh that were expanding outwards.

Beneath the incubator was a huge 'altar'. A blood-covered array that burned away life force as fuel was painted on the ground beneath and this was where all the corpses were being handled.

This 'altar' was like a massive bonfire, burning vigorously with humans as fuel...

All till enough energy was provided for the incubation of the Magic Ovum Mirror.

"Soon... Soon..."

Heris muttered obsessively as he gazed at the incubator suspended in midair.

He could already sense the continuous ripples of aether emanating from the Magic Ovum Mirror expanding outwards, colliding with the array all around and converging. The entire space trembled slightly, just like... a heart beating.

"How beautiful. Just a bit longer and 'he' will descend."

Heris glanced upwards and his gaze reflected icy rancor as he stared at the thick cement roof.

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