Chapter 77: Time To Sleep
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 77: Time To Sleep

52nd Avenue.


An explosion rang out, and the sounds of a building collapsing echoed soon after.

Under the gloomy downpour, this street that had already been evacuated was suddenly covered with blazes in the blink of an eye.


The shadows of hunters flitted through the rain.

Following another explosion, the ground littered with cracks in the middle of the street caved in, forming a massive crater.

The accumulated water on the cement ground flowed into the crater like a waterfall.

A portion of Norzin's underground sewerage system was exposed.

As Norzin's Upper City District was entirely constructed of metal and didn't have soil nor vegetation to absorb rain, severe waterlogging would occur whenever Norzin encountered such extreme weather.

Thus, an extensive and reliable sewer system was necessary for the city's plans.

But before actually seeing this huge underground passage for themselves, most people wouldn't be able to imagine that there was actually such a massive secret space beneath Norzin.

Of course, this part was clearly a spot where water converged and most areas of the sewers wouldn't be this wide.

And beneath this was an unimaginable and hellish scene.

A mountain of numerous corpses and dismembered limbs, blood, and pus floating on greenish sewage water. All of this was washed away by the torrent of floodwater that gushed down.

"Are these White Wolf people insane?!"

Ji Zhixiu inhaled sharply as a chill ran down her spine.

Despite her many years of being a hunter, experiencing countless killings, and getting used to witnessing death, she had never encountered a scene as horrific as this.

This was of a whole new level.

Prior to this, she knew of White Wolf's wicked ways including widespread killing. However, she hadn't known that they were actually accumulating corpses here, like a slaughterhouse.

From the situation here, it was clear that this activity had already lasted for quite a while.

And this place... was probably just one of their hideouts.

The hunters guarding here had already started engag

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