Chapter 78: Second Dream Realm
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 78: Second Dream Realm

What lay before Lin Jie's eyes was a vast expanse of scorched earth.

Blackened ground for as far as eyes could see, covered with fractures that had lava flowing through them slowly. A faint twinkling red glow was largely covered by dark clouds, as lightning danced all around.

Partially collapsed ruins still stood several hundreds of meters high and the entire range was impossible to determine. Remnants of this building still retained a hint of its former glory on this land, like a massive, injured beast that was still breathing.

Standing beneath and looking up allowed one to clearly realize one's own insignificance.

And in the distant horizon was a grey fog that seemed to be joined together with the sky. This fog seemed alive, twisting and turning continuously and vaguely contorting into some sort of strange form.

Lin Jie could even vaguely hear the howling of wind coming from this fog.

"What's up this time round? An RPG? Or a boss battle?" mused Lin Jie as he surveyed the surroundings.

According to Freud's Interpretation of Dreams which he had previously read, dreams were an embodiment of one's subconscious desires.

Lin Jie wondered if it was because he hadn't played video games for so long ever since transmigrating here that such a desire had started to take shape in his dreams.

Even if that was really the case, Lin Jie's hands were tied. It wasn't a question of whether he could game or not, but the hardware restrictions of Norzin's gaming industry were so backward that Lin Jie would thank the heavens if he could have an NES to play with.

Lin Jie sighed and kept his wandering thoughts in check before continuing to survey the surroundings.

Now that he thought about it, it seemed likely that a symphonic BGM could sound shortly, announcing the appearance of a massive and flashy BOSS.

He walked over to a damaged pillar and reached his hand out to pick up a piece of a stone fragment.

This fragment had an extraordinary luster-pure white marble with a beautiful motif inscribed on it.

From this fragmented piece as well as the grand ruins all around, it was easy to surmise how this place was like in the past.

"Hmm... the style and manner of this motif just seems somewhat familiar."

Lin Jie squinted, wiping away dirt and stains to have a better look at the design.

An instinctive intuition and years of experience made him instantly determine—

The sword Joseph gave me!

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