Chapter 79: Candela
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Lin Jie had just passed the displaced staircase and stood on the platform when he heard such a line.

His lips twitched. Is this really a character playing a role?

However, this wasn't the 'final boss appearing' scene he imagined, but a 'CG cut-scene where an important NPC introduced a new gamer to the story line' instead.

The 'savior' appellation was a really typical formula.

In traditional role-playing games, ten out of ten player characters were saviors.

But upon further thought, there wouldn't be too much innovation in his dream given his somewhat lacking gaming experience.

Lin Jie's gaze fell onto the 'NPC' that had just said his lines.

This was an extremely accurate depiction of a male elf.

Flowing golden hair and olive green eyes complemented the pretty face that even made it difficult to determine the gender. His neutral beauty was astounding, but at the same time, it contained a certain sharpness that didn't make him seem overly gentle.

Combining the scene with the lines of this 'NPC' and his dialog, Lin Jie roughly surmised the plot.

Surely, a great catastrophe had occurred here and this elf here was either the culprit or was someone who lacked the ability to stop this tragedy.

And as he awoke after everyone else died, this NPC was filled with guilt and thus chose to either kill himself or something along the lines of sealing himself.

Up till the power of a person who could save the world or correct his mistake appeared.

After witnessing this scene, Lin Jie felt certain that he had gotten the rough idea of this storyline.

Lin Jie circled around the elf and suddenly discovered that the blade stuck in his chest was the sword which Joseph had gifted.

This was the irrefutable proof that dreams at night were made up of thoughts in the day.

Lin Jie had been studying that sword in the day and now it had started weaving a story in his dream.

The elf watched Lin Jie calmly, waiting for Lin Jie to complete his round before speaking, "On behalf of the kingdom, I must thank you for restoring the luster of the sacred sword. This is the third of my unforgivable sins."

Sacred sword... It's probably the one stuck in his body and also the sword given by Joseph.

Previously, he had wondered why the sword was a little 'dirty' but afterwards discovered that the black marks disappeared when viewing it from another angle. This was probably a certain type of special craftsmanship but it seemed like it had become a merit in Lin Jie's dream.

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