Chapter 80: Slaying A God
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 80: Slaying A God

Haa... He probably means for me to give him some guidance and instructions before actually making a move.

Besides that, from the way he is swearing loyalty... Could he be an initial companion granted during the beginner storyline? And giving me the best sword in the village?

Lin Jie raised an eyebrow, quickly taking two steps back and standing up. "You've thought things through? Is this your decision?

"What you truly hope to do isn't something that can be resolved simply by telling me a couple of lines. You have to take action earnestly and atone for all that you have done. None of your people whom you have already forgotten won't forgive you for all the time you have wasted away. If you still intend to maintain that feeble mentality, then it would be best if you continue holing up yourself over here."

These words weren't meant to be a blow to the fellow's self-confidence, but indirectly questioning if he was up to the task.

After all, Lin Jie didn't know how much longer this dream would last, so giving a tragic character some psychological guidance and chicken soup to help him see renewed hope in life didn't seem all that bad.

Lin Jie was simply the light of enlightenment and could feel his entire body radiating with positivity.

Candela stood up once again and muttered gravely, "I understand.

"My soul has long whittled away over the eons. As punishment for my rampage, the madness born of malicious resentment has bound with me and has even become a part of me...

"When that curse dissipated, what remains here is just the last remnants of my soul's final obsession.

"You are right, I just wanted to use other's forgiveness as an excuse to escape. I truly no longer have such a right to do something for my kingdom or people, but rather, I no longer have the right to continue on with my cowardice.

"This time, there's no longer glory, nor the elf king Candela. I'm just... a returning exile."

The elf's gaze now had a look of resolve as he gazed at the wide expanse of scorched earth. "Before I completely wither away, I feel that there are some things I ought to do instead of begging in hopes of forgiveness.

"Even if thousands of years pass and my kingdom no longer exists on this land, my people still live on."

Over thousands of years, giants and elves of the past had already disappeared from history books.

The people murdered by the demon sword were innumerable, and their madness, resentment, and memories had also become intertwined with his soul.

He had witnessed the history of Azir and had seen those two formerly glorious countries eventually become nothing more than folklore.

In this once ruined expanse, humans had built a massive city called 'Norzin' which was as prosperous as his own kingdom had once been.

Most elves and other mythical creatures lived in seclusion in the woods, but a small minority hid away in human cities and grew accustomed to such a life.

Even elves who were beings with longevity had already gotten used to clans being the family unit.

The wheels of history never waited and the elf kingdom would never reappear.

So why not do something useful. This time, he could still use his last remnants of strength to protect his people and their land one final time.

And before quietly wither away, why not ignite all that he had remaining.

Candela looked up at the young man before him and said, "I think there is only one thing I can do."

Lin Jie shot him a gaze that indicated 'go on'.

"I beseech you to help give me a last chance to fight for my people one last time. Please take this sword as your weapon and slay the god that will descend from the dream realm.

"Ten thousand years ago, I harbored the desire to slay this god, yet shrank when I came face to face with it. Looking straight at this god made me descend into madness and ultimately led to the tragic plight of the kingdom.

"Ten thousand years later, on this very land, I wish to fulfill this desire, not for myself but for my people that are still living on this land."

Candela's eyes glowed in sincerity. "I offer you my absolute fidelity and my most precious tribute in hopes that you will forgive my last overbearing request."

Is this a quest? But it doesn't sound like beginner difficulty, huh...

Is this dream messing around? Slaying a god right away?!

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Or can this actually be a beginner's tutorial?

Moreover, Lin Jie didn't really want to do anything too strenuous in his dreams. After all, this went against the whole concept of 'sleeping'.

Slightly awkward, he replied, "Wait a minute. To be honest... I'm not really well-versed in stuff like fighting."

Even if in a dream, wouldn’t he surely be terrible at something he had never done before?

Lin Jie was a proper civilian after all.

Now that he was also a proper bookstore owner and a professional life mentor, Lin Jie had his own image to maintain.

Not being well-versed was one thing, but making a fool of himself was something else. Lin Jie had already dished out some classy and enlightened words to this elf. Thus, if he were to pick up the sword and make a mess, it would be very embarrassing indeed even if he were to somehow win.

That would really ruin the brilliant teacher image he had built.

At this point, Lin Jie felt that there was a slight disadvantage in lucid dreaming. While being conscious of himself dreaming, Lin Jie couldn't consciously go about doing stuff that he wouldn't normally do in reality.

In his previous dream with Silver, being able to produce a book had already been using his limits of imagination.

Candela reached to remove the laurel on his head and said gently, "There's no need to overthink. I will become your strength, your steed, and as I have said before, your sword."

He lifted the laurel up and handed it to Lin Jie. "Although I am no longer a king, the crown had been on me before I died. Shortly after, the kingdom was destroyed and no one succeeded this crown. It is my most precious treasure, but perhaps it might not be worth much to others. I am giving it to you and laying down all my former glories."

Lin Jie took the crown made of laurel branches. These branches were sturdy and had a white metallic shine. A white gemstone was inlaid in the center and glowed beautifully.

Before he could get a closer look, this laurel crown turned into a white light which heated up his wrist and burned a mark around it.

"The crown has already become a portion of my soul. This is an imprint of the elf king and it is the only thing I can give you as thanks," explained Candela.

Lin Jie rubbed his wrist. It felt like... nothing, just like a tiny weight or something.

"Now..." The elf got up from his prostrating position into a half-kneel. Placing his hands on the sword hilt, he slowly started pulling it out.

There wasn't any blood nor other tissue. All that was in this elf's chest was a black hole.

Like a blaze of light, the sword tip illuminated the surrounding darkness.

By the time the sword blade was halfway out, Candela was already standing.

His height was even taller than Lin Jie imagined.

If Lin Jie had reckoned Silver was approximately two meters tall, this elf before him now was at least 2.5 meters.

When the sword was almost out, Candela moved so that the hilt was before Lin Jie.

"Please pull it out—and I will fight for you in the future."

Lin Jie reached out and clasped the hilt. As he came into contact with the beautiful yet icy motifs, he suddenly saw the tumultuous life of Candela during the time where there was no light and fire.

He held light and fire, as if holding the sun. Going against the current and striking out against a god...

He was the only brave soul.

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