Chapter 69: Demon Sword
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 69: Demon Sword


Lin Jie was idly flipping through his register book and checking up on his accounts.

If there were books on loan reaching their due date, he would give a call to customers to remind them. If the books were overdue, he would pay attention to whether there was a problem with the book or with the person.

If it was a problem with the book, he would resolve it accordingly to the situation, either coming to an agreement for compensation. And if that wasn't possible, he would have to pay a visit to the customer to request compensation.

——After all, Lin Jie was usually idle and rather looked forward to such outdoor sojourns.

But unfortunately, there hadn't been any of thesekinds of bad customers recently. Instead, he had been receiving good customers like Old Wil and Doris who even brought him some local specialty gifts.

If there was a problem with the person, Lin Jie would also be willing to spare some effort to help the customer, but the book still had to be returned.

In this sense, running a bookstore wasn't really an easy task.

"Hmm... Old Wil has already returned his books. I wonder when he will be back again to borrow another book. Hopefully, he's resolved the issue with Charles as well...

"Ji Zhixiu's two books are approaching the due date, but there shouldn't be any risk of that young miss not returning the books. Even if she doesn't return them, it's unlikely she wouldn't give compensation.

"Melissa... I wonder how much of the Five-Threes she's done. Hopefully, she's made some progress and no longer randomly challenges strangers to arm wrestling matches. She really needs to understand that knowledge is true strength.

"Speaking of Melissa... Seems like it's the due date for Joseph's book soon."

Lin Jie flipped to the previous page and saw Joseph's name.

The address he had left down wasn't the same as Melissa's, but Lin Jie had learnt from Melissa that her dad was always busy with work and rarely at home.

Therefore, the address Joseph had written down was probably his workplace.

As Joseph was a veteran, Lin

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