Chapter 68: Eyes of Gazing
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 68: Eyes of Gazing

As a professional, Caroline’s cool-headedness, mentality, and ability were well-known in Secret Rite Tower.

The elders wouldn’t have chosen to let her interact with a Supreme-rank whose objective and background still weren’t defined otherwise.

When going on any mission, she would definitely prepare adequately.

Before coming to the bookstore, Caroline had thoroughly consulted all material and compiled a case file of S-Rank Zone 0113, including Joseph’s initial framework, recorded information on ‘other customers of the bookstore’ as well as the opinions and conjectures left by the other branches of Secret Rite Tower.

Caroline wouldn’t dare risk conversing with a Supreme-rank without making thorough preparations.

She knew for certain that this bookstore owner had Supreme-rank ability as well as a rough idea of his general actions and logic.

Firstly, he played the role of an ordinary bookstore owner in this bookstore and would promote ‘borrowing’, ‘buying’, and ‘reading’ of books.

But when comparing the information from before with her own experience now, it seemed as if this bookstore owner just liked helping and chatting with others.

As long as one didn’t have any ill intentions towards him nor show any disrespect, the bookstore owner wouldn’t do anything. Or rather, he wouldn’t do it in person.

Therefore, when the initially skeptical Joseph merely fainted, the bookstore owner's evaluation of 'friendly' seemed apt when compared to other Supreme-ranks.

Secondly, the bookstore owner was near-omniscient. This was something gleaned from the conversation between the Truth Union's Vice-Chairman Andrew and Iris Clan's Sage, Doris.

These were words out of a Destructive-Rank powerhouse's mouth.

Thus, it was best not to harbor any hidden thoughts nor hope to fluke and get away with having secret motives.

Lastly, all the books within the bookstore contained extraordinary power that was written in the taboo language.

Perhaps these books alone weren't all that powerful but capable of granting success overnight. However, when care

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Watching You Go - Lung Ying-Tai

A collection of 74 prose pieces written by Lung Ying-Tai. The stories are about the relationships between Lung's family members; her father's death, her mother's aging, her children leaving, her friends' concerns for her, and working with her siblings.

Special thanks to Tetra & Aco for editing and pr-ing

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Special thanks to Tetra & Aco for editing and pr-ing
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