Chapter 67: Sorrow of a Corporate Slave
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 67: Sorrow of a Corporate Slave

“Just solely because of empathy?” muttered Caroline.

“Is that still not enough?” asked Lin Jie. “Everytime I try to understand the reasons behind my customer’s pain and suffering, I would always feel the need to save them from drowning in their sea of bitterness. Otherwise, that would really be too cruel.”

Of course, while saving them, rescuing their wallets at the same time is even better, thought Lin Jie to himself.

He was just such a kind and warm-hearted soul who couldn’t see the bad in others.

Caroline agreed inwardly. This was similar to Joseph’s recount of his interaction with the bookstore owner.

He was friendly, but chaotic neutral.

With ‘inspiration’ stemming from empathy, this bookstore owner frequently sympathized with customers and thus helped to lead them out from their current predicament.

But regardless of any standpoint, this sort of empathy was purely just towards helping others.

The bookstore owner’s ‘sentiments’ didn’t change regardless of what sort of alignment a customer had.

This kind of sentiment was on a way higher level than what ordinary beings possessed.

Caroline suddenly came to a realization. That's right! He is indeed a genuine Supreme-rank!

It's no wonder he could make the Iris Clan's elf sage pledge fealty!

This wasn't because of his overwhelming strength but his extraordinary and non-discriminatory love.

Did he mean a comparison between himself and other Supreme-ranks when he said that 'I'm different from others'?

It was very different indeed. Past Supreme-ranks that existed were usually selfish because they were first and foremost, human. Supreme-rank was merely a description of their strength.

However, the bookstore owner was close to the essence of such an evaluation...

Lin Jie's opinion of this 'customer' was simple.

Asking Lin Jie why he set up shop here was to understand the advantages of this district.

For example, convenience of transport, human traffic, or unique societal customs.

Replying why would be answering her motives.

The underlying objective was to find whatever merits there were in this area.

It was much more effective than asking 'What do you think is good about this place.'

When Lin Jie did some customary observations, he would also probe using questions similar to this and they would often pinpoint the merits and weaknesses rather quickly.

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