Chapter 66: Evaluation of Lin Jie
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 66: Evaluation of Lin Jie

In an exchange, it was important to make the other party get caught in one's own tempo.

All conversations were ultimately a form of psychological warfare, where being in control of the other party's state of mind and using words to probe their heart will ensure the victory of the battle.

The most important of all was to immediately drag the other party into one's tempo when they showed hesitation.

And the simplest way was by using questions.

One could rapidly guide the other party into one's own tempo through specific means or obvious hinting.

Whether it was in sales or at other occasions, gaining a thorough understanding of a customer's desires and thoughts would make it easy to choose the right approach.

And after that, as the saying goes, one would be able to lead the other party by the nose.

A simple analogy would be like this—

If a teacher were to ask, "Do you all agree? Those who disagree raise your hands." There would be a certain possibility that some raised hands would appear.

But if the question was "Do any of you object? Those who object raise your hands." If this were the case, nobody would put up their hands unless they were an idiot.

Therefore, according to customary logic, this person’s ‘hello’ would surely be followed up by a question.

And through Lin Jie’s deduction from his many years of experience, the follow-up would be a ‘may I ask…’

She wanted to lead the conversation and thus needed to take the initiative and occupy the position of the one questioning.

As a self-proclaimed conversation therapist, life mentor, and chicken soup provider, Teacher Lin’s mastery had clearly reached a high level far beyond any ordinary person.

How could he let her prevail?

Lin Jie placed his chin on his hand and calmly said, “There’s no need to be so shocked. Don’t tell me you didn’t think about what you might encounter when you chose to enter this shop?Moreover, you specifically came over to me... Young people shouldn’t be too impulsive.”

When frequently walking by the riverside, getting one’s shoes wet was unavoidable. Meeting others of the ‘same profession’ was a common occurrence.

In any case, this ‘shabby store’ was still running a business, so encountering someone of the same profession was just expected.

Furthermore, she had the intention of promoting something and had come straight to the boss. This itself was rather strange.

Lin Jie reckoned that she was probably an upstart who was a little swell-headed from having gotten some achievements and thought her verbal skills could do everything.

Having control and leading the conversation was extremely addictive. Dominating a conversation with another salesperson instead of clients definitely brought about a greater sense of achievement.

Haa, young people nowadays are just so impatient.

Caroline froze up and instantly understood that she had been completely seen through.

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As a professional assessor and special representative to go face-to-face with an S-Rank, Caroline had spent the past few days preparing for various scenarios, including having her cover blown. However, when it really happened so suddenly, how could she not be astonished and feel afraid?

When the two of them had spoken the same words simultaneously, a hair-raising sense of fear had swept over her.

It was as if she was transparent in the eyes of the bookstore owner and every single of her thoughts could be casually read by him.

And could the meaning of that last sentence be a warning because he was displeased at being disturbed when they had gone specifically to him?

"... I'm truly sorry if there's anything that upset you. And I'm very sorry to have disturbed you."

Caroline took a deep silent breath to steady herself before she continued, "However, it is necessary for me to ask you questions. This is very important to both you and me. We will be very grateful if you are able to cooperate. After all, this is of great significance to Norzin."

It's alright, the bookstore owner has been adopting a peaceful stance up till now.

He's probably seen through my motive and just wanted to intimidate and put me in my place. He hasn't shown any sign of malice so maintaining my respectful attitude should be enough.

Just that I no longer have to pretend to be a customer.

This was what was going through in Caroline's mind.

It was indeed just as Joseph had written in his report. The bookstore owner had an ordinary appearance.

Even though he expressed dissatisfaction at their attempts to sound him out, the bookstore owner had only attempted to cower them via deterrence and hadn't actually taken any action. This meant that he had a decent temperament and wasn't 'hostile.'

Lin Jie observed her. The beautiful lady had an expression of firm resolve, although there was also a part that showed some unambiguous concession.

An apology first, followed after with a question of importance with the intention of inciting some curiosity.

Lin Jie guessed that this lady was possibly doing a survey, either to find a suitable product to promote or to do research for a certain project.

However... bringing Norzin into the picture was especially audacious indeed.

Lin Jie leaned forward and smiled, "How about telling me what this is about?"

Seeing that the bookstore owner didn't object, Caroline cleared her throat and continued cautiously, "May I ask why you opened the bookstore here?"

It's actually such a question?

She probably isn't trying to market a product, but instead doing some research for a specific purpose.

"Interest dictates fate," replied Lin Jie casually.

He couldn't say that he was transmigrated because of a certain unknown entity and had no choice but to sell books to maintain a livelihood...That would be too disgraceful.

Caroline was momentarily stunned and immediately remembered that the bookstore owner had an interest in toying with the fates of humans and other matters.

She then pointed outside and asked carefully, "Then, what do you think about the recent incident?"

Recent incident? The gas explosion?

Could it be that they are actually intending to develop this expanse of ruins?

But it made sense. The few streets opposite were completely wrecked and it could be considered a thorough decision. So why not do some development and perhaps earn some money back.

Lin Jie nodded subconsciously and muttered, "A good thing...."

He suddenly came to his senses and choked, "Cough, cough, it isn't. That incident was really unfortunate but there are some people who ought to pay indeed. Life is precious and not something to be taken lightly and trampled all over."

Lin Jie had heard on the news that this tragedy had been the result of poor supervision at factories and the many years of disrepair. Evidently, some people needed to take responsibility for the matter.

Caroline nodded and noted down that the bookstore owner indeed disliked Scarlet Cult's black magicians and had an identical standpoint with Secret Rite Tower.

"One other question—— What's your opinion on what you are currently doing now?" Caroline asked.

Lin Jie pondered about the relation this question had with the previous ones.

She asked about why I set up the shop, my thoughts on the gas explosion incident, and on my current circumstances. She's probably evaluating the value of shops in the area...

"I am different from others so you can't really use me as a reference." Lin Jie flashed a dazzling smile. "Actually, I don't expect any benefits or reciprocation when I do all these. I embrace empathy and hope that every customer can walk out from the predicaments they are in."

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