Chapter 66: Evaluation of Lin Jie
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 66: Evaluation of Lin Jie

In an exchange, it was important to make the other party get caught in one's own tempo.

All conversations were ultimately a form of psychological warfare, where being in control of the other party's state of mind and using words to probe their heart will ensure the victory of the battle.

The most important of all was to immediately drag the other party into one's tempo when they showed hesitation.

And the simplest way was by using questions.

One could rapidly guide the other party into one's own tempo through specific means or obvious hinting.

Whether it was in sales or at other occasions, gaining a thorough understanding of a customer's desires and thoughts would make it easy to choose the right approach.

And after that, as the saying goes, one would be able to lead the other party by the nose.

A simple analogy would be like this—

If a teacher were to ask, "Do you all agree? Those who disagree raise your hands." There would be a certain possibility that some raised hands would appear.

But if the question was "Do any of you object? Those who object raise your hands." If this were the case, nobody would put up their hands unless they were an idiot.

Therefore, according to customary logic, this person’s ‘hello’ would surely be followed up by a question.

And through Lin Jie’s deduction from his many years of experience, the follow-up would be a ‘may I ask…’

She wanted to lead the conversation and thus needed to take the initiative and occupy the position of the one questioning.

As a self-proclaimed conversation therapist, life mentor, and chicken soup provider, Teacher Lin’s mastery had clearly reached a high level far beyond any ordinary person.

How could he let her prevail?

Lin Jie placed his chin on his hand and calmly said, “There’s no need to be so shocked. Don’t tell me you didn’t think about what you might encounter when you chose to enter this shop?Moreover, you specifically came over to me... Young people shouldn’t be too impulsive.”

When frequently walking by the riverside, getting one’s shoes wet was unavoidable. Meeting others of the ‘same profession’ was a common occurrence.

In any case, this ‘shabby store’ was still running a business, so encountering someone of the same profession was just expected.

Furthermore, she had the intention of promoting something and had come straight to the boss. This itself was rather strange.

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