Chapter 65: Your Next Words Are
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 65: Your Next Words Are

Tack tack.

A clacking of high heels mixed with the sound of rain.

The umbrella-wielding lady standing in the rain had a graceful poise. She was beautiful, fair-skinned with a head full of wavy silver hair, and deep, alluring eyes.

Her outfit of a white blouse, tight violet skirt, black lace stockings, and a pair of black high heels oozed with sexiness.

Caroline raised her umbrella as she surveyed the bookstore before her and took a deep breath of the cold, moist air.

This was her current target for assessment.

S-Rank Zone 0113.

A seemingly ordinary bookstore yet this was something the former Radiant Knight Abraham Joseph had personally written in the new case file.

Moreover, it had come after various scattered intelligence reports.

This bookstore had a great deal of influence during the Magic Ovum Mirror affair and had indirectly caused the speedy demise of White Wolf and Scarlet Cult.

Also, the bookstore owner had made Joseph come to a decision of wanting to pass on the ownership of the demon sword.

The demon sword Candela was an object of the abyss that would even strike fear in a Supreme-rank.

No matter how strong a person was, the demon sword’s corrosion of spirit and mind was unavoidable and would eventually lead to the person’s demise.

Ever since Secret Rite Tower took in this artifact, they would select the most perfect Radiant Knight to be the owner of Candela, and ensure the demon sword’s temporary peace and to put it to better use.

But as Radiant Knights died one after the other, Secret Rite Tower felt utterly helpless towards the demon sword’s curse, and so they let Joseph do as he pleased to achieve a temporary impasse.

However, Joseph’s application for the transfer of ownership came as an immense shock to the higher-ups of Secret Rite Tower.

This was the bookstore owner’s first ever request recorded.

And he wanted to have the demon sword.

According to Joseph’s report, the book that the bookstore owner had given him possessed the power to suppress the demon sword.

That meant to say, the bookstore owner had the ability to better accommodate the demon sword.

And his reason for wanting it was because he could see Joseph’s pain and wanted to save him.

However, the elders couldn’t just let out the demon sword solely because of Joseph’s words, especially since Secret Rite Tower had yet to gain any substantial information regarding the bookstore owner.

In the end, after some discussion amongst the elders and coupled with the recent incident, a decision was made to have a thorough close-up assessment and observation to determine the bookstore owner’s identity, alignment, motive, and ability.

Lucy Caroline, the special dispatch of Secret Rite Tower’s elders, the Deputy Section Chief of Logistics Branch, a Destructive-rank knight, and a specialized assessor.

Being a quarter-harpy with an innate talent for mind control,Caroline was naturally adeptin determining whether one was good or evil.

Of course, as the Logistics Department’s Deputy Section Chief, her official job was actually to clean up the messes of Secret Rite Tower and other organizations as well as to deal with public relations.

In the minds of ordinary Norzin citizens, extraordinary beings were just but a myth. Caroline and the others like her needed to exhaust all means to cover up the truth and speedily resolve various circumstances that would expose themselves.

Caroline might not be the most outstanding of Secret Rite Tower assessors, but she was without a doubt, the most staid one.

Thus, this was the reason she had been entrusted with this important and dangerous mission.

Not everyone could get a chance to observe and assess an S-Rank entity.

She reminded herself of the current mission once more—As Secret Rite Tower’s representative, she was to converse with the bookstore owner using the identity of a customer and do her best to completely fill up the case file of S-Rank zone 0113 and help supplement the elders’ judgement.

Caroline took a deep breath, steadied herself, and stepped into the bookstore.


The bookstore owner’s voice sounded from behind the counter.

Even though Caroline had already made mental preparations prior to this, she couldn’t help but tensing up and her breathing became more hurried.

S-Rank... A terrifying entity that was rumored to have knocked Joseph out cold without lifting a finger.

Badump, Badump!

Caroline sensed her heart thumping and pinched her palm. She put on her customary charming smile, took a deep breath, and sat down in front of the counter. Trying her best to retain her composure, she looked at the bookstore owner and nodded. “Hello.”

Lin Jie placed his book down and eyed this beautiful silver-haired lady with some astonishment. This is... rather exaggerated, thought Lin Jie to himself.

He wasn't thinking that this appearance was pompous. On the contrary, the silver hair of this maiden that had entered the bookstore complemented her just too well and somehow made her appearance breathtaking.

Just that this powerful bearing was too much and it made Lin Jie feel that the other party shouldn't be in his own shabby bookstore but on a red carpet instead.

And what Lin Jie paid most attention to was that extremely alluring smile.

That smile’s angle, expression, and degree of proficiency...

Although the other party’s gender as a female might partially cause some distinction, this sort of... involuntary sense of familiarity rising in Lin Jie’s heart couldn't be false.

As Lin Jie realized this, his so-called 'professional' smile lightened up slightly.

This person...

Someone of the 'same trade,' huh.

That standard 'hello' and smile have already exposed you completely.

Sales? Or will you be asking me to do a questionnaire?


Lin Jie scoffed inwardly. He had seen too many of such people.

When such people came knocking, besides being a waste of time, they wouldn't have any intention of purchasing or borrowing books.

Whatever warm welcome and words he had prepared was kept away.

In other words, the person in front of him wasn't a customer.

Besides not being a customer, she might even be trying to make Lin Jie spend.

However, the Teacher Lin title wasn't an undeserved reputation.

Since you dared knock on my door, even if it's not sales but multi-level marketing, I will still treat you as a customer.

We are Hosted Novel, find us on google.

Bring it on!

Lin Jie folded his arms and put on a steely gaze.

Let me guess, your next words are——

“May I ask,"

"May I ask..."

Caroline froze and stared with her mouth wide open at the bookstore owner that had said the same words simultaneously.


She glanced at the bookstore owner's seemingly mischievous expression.

Is this... A direct warning? Section Chief Joseph, didn't you say he was 'friendly'?!

Lin Jie revealed a confident smile as he noticed the lady's calm bearing shattering in an instant, his indifferent look telling the other party that 'I have already seen through you.’

Firstly, suppress the other party with an imposing manner and immediately break her rhythm. This would mess up her thoughts and her words would lose all effect.

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