Chapter 94 - I Was Selling My Body While You Guys Are Eating, Drinking, and Having Fun!?
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 94 - I Was Selling My Body While You Guys Are Eating, Drinking, and Having Fun!?

As the sun set in the west, an orange haze spilled onto the streets of Dragon City’s noble district, casting long shadows onto the ground.

When Louie attacked the city two months prior, most of the nobles fled in the ensuing panic. Now there were only a few people living here compared to the lively civilian district. Neither the gold-adorned nobles nor their luxurious carriages could be seen anymore.

Louie had also tried to be careful of the upper parts of the mountain where the palace was located. As a result, the damage close to the top was relatively small. Most of the houses still retained their former appearances. Some of the magnificent mansions had also been reserved. They had once served as residences for preeminent earls or viscounts, but they were empty now.

Louie chose not to tear the buildings down. In the future, he would reward them to his loyal followers.

Lysfer Blood Blade walked with a limp. For a warrior maiden who should have been used to injuries on the battlefield, she cut a sorry figure.

Lysfer understood that she was now Lord Galakrond’s thing: his possession. Even in the future, she could only go to him, and his strong combat power perfectly met her requirements.

This was the beastman’s way of thinking. Other than the humiliation she felt when serving others, she did not reject her own pleasure. She even felt that having a demigod satisfy her was already a huge benefit.

The only problem was that Lord Galakrond was a dragon.

Lysfer looked at the slim figure walking ahead of her and let out a provocative smile, “Elf, how long until we arrive?”

Without the dragon in front of her, Lysfer’s fearless attitude once again returned. Although the elf in front of her was a legendary rank powerhouse, she also had the urge to jump forward and challenge her. A true beastman would never easily submit or admit defeat. If not for the sake of her own people, Lysfer would not surrender to the dragon’s authority even upon the pain of death.

She did not care about her chastity. It was simply the honor of the beastmen that would have kept her from submitting.

“Almost there. The border between the noble and civilian districts is just ahead. Your people are assigned to live there.”

Walking in front of Lysfer was none other than Sisna. When she heard the wolf girl’s question from behind, her expression didn’t change, and she continued, “We elves also live there. I hope you can control your clan to not cause trouble for us.”

“As long as you elves don’t come provoking us first, we beastmen are not willing to come in contact with you.”

Lysfer and Sisna opposed each other with equal harshness.

The beastmen and elves disliked each other. The elves thought that the beastmen were rude and barbaric, while the beastmen thought that the elves were effeminate and cowardly. If the two met elsewhere, it was very likely that they would have fought.

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Sisna went silent for a while before speaking in a cold harsh voice, “I don’t care how you beastmen regard the elves. This place is Dragon City, and we must follow the lord’s laws. The lord also wishes for our races to get along well. Although I find it difficult, I’ll try my hardest to comply.”

Lysfer put away her wild aura and said in a deep voice, “I don’t need you to remind me, elf! We beastmen are a race that keeps our promises. We will definitely comply with Lord Louie’s demands!”

As she said this, she looked at the human noble’s mansions and laughed contemptuously, “We are different from those sinister and cunning human nobles.”

Hearing her words, Sisna’s expression also relaxed, and she nodded in agreement.

The friendship between beastmen and elves would probably depend on humans…

Afterward, the two no longer spoke and only continued walking forward. They gradually arrived at the junction between the two districts. The houses there seemed to be newly built and were those exquisite houses that were two to three floors. There were also many plots that only had foundations constructed.

Lysfer observed the living environment and felt very satisfied. Although she didn’t like humans and elves, she had to admit that their construction skills were much better than the beastmens’. Just the common residences here alone were better than the Blood Blade Clan.

Soon, Lysfer’s ear twitched as she heard the lively laughter coming ahead. She could see spirals of smoke rise up.

Her sensitive nose sniffed and exclaimed, “So fragrant!”

Although she had previously eaten the most delicious roast meat in her entire life, she did not eat much at that time. Afterward the dragon had arrived and had an extreme battle of endurance with her. Now, she was already hungry.

“Your people are over there. Go there by yourself.”

Sisna did not pay attention to her anymore after saying her piece and turned to another direction. Lysfer followed her line of sight and saw many trees in the distance. She understood that that place must be the elves’ neighborhood.

Lysfer walked in the direction of her people and arrived at an empty lot. The beastmen were crowded together, singing and dancing. There were grills on the lot with meat on them. The fragrance had come from the meat.

Lysfer carefully observed her people. Their bodies were washed clean since the dragon hated dirt. The beastmen had also put on new clothes made with ordinary linen. Some of them were wearing animal skin that they brought with them. Although Dragon City wasn’t short on food, it was still short on clothing and other materials. Finding some linen for these beastmen had not been easy.

“Your Highness!!”

When the beastmen saw Lysfer, the place went silent and then followed by loud cheers.

The bear brothers excitedly came to her side and handed Lysfer a piece of white bread, “Your Highness, you’re back! Take a look. This is too incredible. That dragon lord is really generous. He… he actually gave us this to eat, this white bread!”

Lysfer was dumbfounded at the white bread handed to her by the bear man. She slowly raised her hand and tore off a piece with her mouth.

‘It’s so soft!’

Feeling the chewy texture, she looked at her people. Though they were once full of despair, their faces now bore smiles and hopes.

‘Finally, finally. I have given them hope to live on again…’

However, she also felt a bit aggrieved. She had sold her body and dignity, but here they were eating, drinking, and having fun without waiting for her. It was like they were taking advantage of her misfortune!

Lysfer swallowed the white bread and shouted in a loud voice under the gazes of the beastmen, “My people! From now on I am both your chief and no longer your chief. From now on, we will live under the shelter of the dragon lord. You are now citizens of Dragon City. For the honor of the beastmen, you must follow the laws of the lord, but also dedicate yourselves to the city!”

She threw down the gauntlet. She wouldn’t allow the honor of the beastmen to be tarnished!

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